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Free RealVPN Account Supporting US, UK, Germany, France and Netherland PPTP Servers

Real VPN LogoPPTP VPN's are popular because of their out-of-the-box native support on most desktop and mobile platforms. And here is your chance to grab one absolutely free as RealVPN is offering 100000 free PPTP protocol based VPN accounts under their limited quantity (100000) BETA registration phase.

Packed with standard privacy, anonymity and internet censorship bypassing capabilities RealVPN accounts support users to connect via their VPN servers located in US, UK, France, Germany and Netherlands.

Free VPN Offer
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As usual, offers fail to materialise. With no instructions on how to register for the RealVPN, it's hopeless. WHAT the hell is 'Capcha'?

As usual the offer is working but in-fact your limited tech-knowledge is not letting you materalise it like always. Instead of blaming I would recommend asking for help. Thanks

P.S> Thanks, admin I got the account and it's working good :).

We are not all bluddy computer nerds, so it would be nice to see some user friendly information from the site. Normally when I try to download something I can't find the right link out of the hundred or so available, most of the links just take you around in circles.

i need for your vpn
tnx about


download free server vpn

Good service

Good luck to you

Thank u so much.

what is the HTTP Adress in Proxy setting, please ?

I need your High Speed vpn servers.
Thanks for your website.


i would really like to get one free account.
Could you be so kind as to inform me how to do that?
Thx in advance,

with kind regards

i want account real-vpn and how get it from this real-vpn

Really good site dude.

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