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Orkut Trick To Post Link Without Image Verification

If you write a scrap with a URL in it, Orkut requires you to complete the image verification (CAPTCHA), however if you post any URL within the Google network you are not required to do so, this flaw can be used to post url's bypassing the image verification.

Google Orkut Profile Information To Appear In Search Results

Google Orkut 'Orkut' user profile information will now appear in Google search results when someone searches for your name, the result will contain summary of your profile, including key details like your name, photo and location and will be called 'OneBox', according to Orkut help center:

Orkut Auto Scrap Virus

Orkut Scrap Virus

Orkut is getting targeted by a new Brazilian scrap virus, the virus infects users clicking on the above scrap message claiming to show some kind of video with the machine translated english version of the message below:

I saw this video I remembered of vc. Look what cool soh nao goes land grabber with me ta? rrrsssss. after me talk the one to she found.

Orkut Adds New Feature To Automatically Find & Add Your Gmail Contacts

Orkut Login Find Friends

Orkut the myspace of south-asia and Brazil introduced a new feature allowing users to find and add their Gmail contacts already on Orkut with a single click, in the official blog post on Orkut blog software engineer Jude Britto writes:

Orkut Invite Friends

One of the nice things about Gmail is that it adds the names of the people you have been in touch with over the years as contacts in your address book. Wouldn't it be nice if you could automatically find those contacts on orkut? We've started rolling out a new feature to do just that. If you use a gmail address to log into orkut, finding your friends is now just a click away. The find friends button on the homepage, friends page or friends list page gets you started on importing contacts. Your gmail address is already filled in, and since you've already logged into orkut, we don't have to ask for your Gmail password once again. We'll show you the contacts who are already on orkut, and let you choose which ones to add as friends. For contacts who aren't on orkut yet, we make it easy to choose the ones you want to invite to orkut. You can even add a personal message to send with the invite. Soon, we'll be adding support to import your contacts from other email accounts.

Orkut, MySpace & Friendster Proxies To Bypass Internet Censorship

Bypass Orkut Filter Using Proxy

Most work places and educational institutions block access to social-networking websites by means of firewalls and content filters but there exist very easy tricks to bypass these filters and access restricted sites at work, school and colleges, you can easily unblock websites like Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and Friendster to name a few.

There exist many proxy sites to access blocked websites here are few good fast ones for you:

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