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Orkut, MySpace & Friendster Proxies To Bypass Internet Censorship

Bypass Orkut Filter Using Proxy

Most work places and educational institutions block access to social-networking websites by means of firewalls and content filters but there exist very easy tricks to bypass these filters and access restricted sites at work, school and colleges, you can easily unblock websites like Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and Friendster to name a few.

There exist many proxy sites to access blocked websites here are few good fast ones for you:

The best solution to bypass internet censorship and access all services with all features see this post.


i can't open my orkut login through this proxy. please suggest any other proxy for the same


try,sign up free unblock web!!!!!enjoy



there all blocked :(

they dont work

it doesnt work it still blocks me from websites that the school blocks...this help blows =P

how about ultrasurf,freegate,gpass softwares

none of the proxy doesnt works...... i jst found one ..... i tink it works in all d colleges........ bt d prob is dat it doesnt show images .... if u wnt jst to surf go onto it.....

Use this website to access Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, etc. from work and school when blocked.

No need to install any software.

Its fast and simple.


can't open my orkut login through this proxy. please suggest any other proxy for the same

Read more:

Try CyberGhost for all that proxy work!

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