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GTA 4 Release Date Announced By RockStar

Rockstar has announced to release much its awaited game “Grand Theft Auto IV” on 29 April 2008, the game will be available for Sony Playstaion 3 and XBOX 360 and Amazon has already started taking pre-orders, the games had gone through a lot of controversies because of its highly sexual and violent content.

Need for Speed: ProStreet Demo - Free Download

"Need for Speed: ProStreet" is a much awaited game release of this year, scheduled to be released on 14th November, EA has released the free game demo available for download, the demo contains two distinct, exciting racing modes - Grip and new Speed Challenge. The demo is 795.49 MB in size and available across various game portals.


9Dragons - Free MMORPG Game

Published by Acclaim Games in collaboration with Nexon from South Korea, 9Dragons is a relatively new free martial arts fantasy MMORPG game, depicted in the historic times of the Ming Dynasty of China, the game immerses players into the world of ruthless clans, epic battles for the survival of China.

The game features cutting-edge 3D graphics, it includes real Chinese historical and geographical features and facts like the famous Great Wall of China and the Shao-Lin Temple.

A player may join clans in 9Dragons which are based upon several schools of Kung Fu which are separated into two major factions, The Black Clan and The White Clan. The White Clans include: Shaolin (male disciples only), Wu-Tang Clan, and The League of Beggars. The Black Clans include: Sacred Flower (female disciples only), The Brotherhood of Thieves, and Heavenly Demon Clan. Each Clan has its own separate but very similar requirements for admission.

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