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VPNhub- Pornhub’s own unlimited and free VPN Service

VPNHubVPNhub is the latest unlimited and free VPN Service that you can easily trust without a doubt. The VPN lets you surf the internet and hide your information without a trace in the history. Pornhub has launched this fantastic VPN service with free and unlimited bandwidth so that you don’t fall prey to the eyes who are always peeping into your browser’s history.

The apps for the same are already available in the app stores of Android and iOS. The Windows and MacOS users would need a premium subscription for the same.


Like any other VPN service, it also helps the user in avoiding ISP-level website blocking or tracking and in keeping your browser activity private by encrypting your data, even if you are using a public Wi-Fi connection.

VPNhub never collects, stores, sells and shares your personal information with the third parties for their advertising, marketing, or research purposes. It is believed that Pornhub launched its VPN service because of the government regulations on adult content online in the countries like the United Kingdom. However, that doesn’t mean that VPNhub is limited to browsing Pornhub only. You can browse any of all the websites without worrying about being caught by someone.

You also have the option for the premium version of the VPN. One can upgrade to its premium version at just $13 a month. In this version, you won’t see ads, get faster speeds, opens up servers “from a wide range of countries,” per VPNhub’s FAQ. You are also offered a seven-day free trial. You can avail the services across the globe, except for the countries that the U.S. bans companies from working in, such as Iran, Cuba, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea.
However, if you have a close look at the privacy policy under the heading, “How We Use Your Information,” the company has clearly mentioned that it can sell “aggregate or non-personally identifiable information with non-affiliated third parties for advertising, marketing or research purposes.”

Benefits of VPNhub

VPNhub lets you enjoy the pleasure of protection while browsing anything that you want. It is the most trusted VPN that guarantees complete anonymity and full data encryption that protects your privacy anywhere in the world. It allows you to browse any website on the internet without any restrictions. With this, you will be able to bypass censorship while offering private and secure access to the internet.

You, no more, have to worry about being monitored every time you browse or access something. Even for your daily, personal use, it secures the connection for handling the sensitive information with an improved and increased speed.

VPNhub allows you secure access whenever and wherever you go. You can easily access your favorite apps and sites at home or on the go, no matter where you are and at what time.

Features of VPNhub

VPNhub is a feature-rich VPN service that can give you the best browsing experience in every way possible. Some of its worth-noting features have been mentioned as below:

1. Unlimited and Free - You have free and unlimited access to everything and anything on the internet with VPNhub. You can enjoy the browsing on any of the devices of your choice.

2. Personal Data Protection - Don’t worry about your IP address because you will be able to easily hide it without worrying about anybody who could access your data. In addition, you can freely use this on public Wi-Fi connections also.

3. Easy to Use - Connecting is just a click away. VPNhub is known to be the safest and easiest way of accessing your favorite websites from anywhere.

4. Cross-platform support - VPNhub is available for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

Get VPNhub Premium

You can also get the premium version of the VPNhub to access the faster connections and select from the widest range of countries and servers. Some of its exceptional features include:

1. No Ads
2. Faster Speed
3. 7 Day Trial
4. Cancel Anytime
5. Support 24/7
6. Select Any Countries

While Android and iOS users can download and use the VPN for free, the desktop MacOS and Windows users can only use it if they have a premium account. To get a premium account after you are done with using the free account, you can get the subscription at $13 per month or $90 per year. Even if you are not sure about using the premium version, you can use 7-day free trial.

How to use VPNhub

VPNhub creates private networks on the private servers. To avail the services offered by VPNhub, you must be connected to the internet using a Wi-Fi network or cellular data. After opening the VPNhub, you must tap on the lock icons that you can see in the middle of the screen. In a few seconds, you will be connected to the location of the server of your choice virtually. Your data will be encrypted throughout. And, you are all set to browse the browser of your choice and begin surfing the internet securely.

VPNhub is going to be the best VPN service that you will ever be able to use. Pornhub launched it with an aim of providing its users with a hassle-free service all over the world. But that doesn’t at all mean that you will only be able to access Pornhub. In fact, VPNhub lets you access everything on the internet whenever and wherever you want without bothering you at any point.

You can choose the more suitable version for you as per your need so that you get exactly what you need. Both the versions have their own specialties and fit to different requirements.

VPNhub is the best option for you that lets you access everything on the internet without storing or sharing your information with any third party. So, you can confidently choose VPNhub to maintain your privacy over the internet without worrying about the prying eyes that are looking for a chance to catch you and steal your confidential information.


It's not free for desktops ! you have get a premium account and it's not free !

Happy to read this, may now I have learned more about VPNhub. I can do work this easily on my system.

I wish I could find a way to route all my desktop data through their vpn.

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