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Google's Giving Out "Google+ Custom URLs"

After providing celebrities and big brands with customizable vanity Google+ URL's the company is now slowly rolling out the feature to other established accounts. I was lucky to get one with my full-name "Deepesh Agarwal" as changing this still requires manual review from Google moderation team. To get these custom, short and easy-to-remember web addresses that links directly to your profile or G+ page, Google requires users to meet some eligibility requirements which are Ten or more followers, an account which is at-least 30 days old and a profile photo.

Google+ Custom URLs

Simple Hack To Get The New Google Bar Now

The new Google Search Bar made it's appearance a few days ago but has not been rolled out to everyone yet, similar to the Youtube new look hack shared earlier, users can get the new design right now.

New Google Search And Share Bar (Click To Enlarge)

New Google Search Bar

How To Create Your Personal "Moved to Google+" Profile Picture

Google+ is the latest social-networking sensation, currently an invite-only network Google+ is getting popular everyday. If you are amongst the lucky few to get an Google Plus invite here is how you can create an personalized profile pic for existing social-networks like facebook, orkut etc. announcing your migration and invite your friends to the new social-network.

Google Plus Profile Pic
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