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Smart Cars

[Video] This smart Mercedes car can automatically brake and swerve around pedestrians

Smart Google Car Project is something everybody is having high expectations from, but technology has already started to infiltrate more and more into today's automotive scene and users will soon see a new breed of smart features inside there usual traditional car brands like Mercedes and Renault.

The next automotive battlefront will be all about technology.....

There is no doubt we will be witnessing some revolutionary automotive technology when self-driving cars hit mainstream usage, however the next battlefront for automotive industry will be "in-vehicle technology" and it's already here. Car manufacture's are already offering exciting new tech-features like voice commands, computer controlled safety and driving assistance, and plans to introduce a full-fledged, in-car, app eco-system.

Mercedes Benz, - the well known name in automotive industry has taken things further with usage of technology in it's upcoming "A Class" car series. The newly unveiled video demonstrates the same, it would not be unreasonable to say that "this new car is all about technology" - don't forget to watch the video after the jump.

Smart cars

Renault R-link - The New Technology To Open Up Your Car as a Platform

Your car is about to get smarter, Renault R-Link - a tactile, integrated, connected tablet in future versions of your Renault branded cars will feature a large 18cm tactile display, steering wheel-mounted controls and speech recognition and will be powered by an integrated Android operating-system effectively opening the way to the car-as-a-platform.

R-Link aims to provide future Renault vehicles with affordable, intuitive multimedia connectivity, both with the outside world and with its users. There will be around 50 apps bundled with the device when launched initially and Renault will open an Renault app store for people to download their own apps.

Renault R-Link

Demo video after the jump.

Renault R-Link
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