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Microsoft Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 Released : Here's an excellent video showing new features and why it is better than your Apple's and Android's

There is no doubt that Microsoft Modern UI works wonderfully on phones - it's simple, modern and intuitive. Microsoft today officially released the Windows Phone 8 upgrade to there mobile OS platform. To get the word across they have created an excellent video (posted below) comparing Apple iOS and Google Android with Windows Phone 8 in real world situations. After watching the video one can surely say it did succeed to get the message across - why Windows Phone 8 is better option.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 officially announced, no upgrade for existing Windows Phone users...

Windows Phone 8

I personally use iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices and would definitely put my vote in favor or "Windows Phone 7.5" for common non-tech, day-to-day, cellphone usage. Microsoft kept the "new release" announcement momentum going after unveiling the Microsoft Surface tablet computer, with revelation of successor to its popular Windows Phone 7 - the all new, company's next generation mobile operating system "Windows Phone 8".

The announcement revealed only the new core platform capabilities and no end-user features were disclosed apart from the fact that Windows Phone 8 comes with a newer Start Screen allowing users to re-size the tiles and customize their colors. To start the new mobile OS will feature support for multi-core processors having upto 64 cores, support for two new screen resolutions—1280x768 and 1280x720, support for removable MicroSD cards, NFC wireless sharing, Internet Explorer 10, Digital Wallet, Better maps and directions with integrated Nokia Maps and more. Details and videos posted after the jump

Windows Phone 8 Main Screen

Sadly, the announcement also comes with some bad news for existing Windows Phone device owners. Microsoft has now confirmed existing users won't be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 citing the fact that the new core-features are not tailored to work with legacy device hardware. However, another update "Windows Phone 7.8" will allow existing users to upgrade and enjoy the new Start Screen with ability to re-size tiles and color customizations.

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