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Virtual Sex

Now You Can Have Sex With Your iPad !!!

Virtual Sex is definitely something catching-up fantasy of creators and seems like a big market for future. Fleshlight Inc. makers of some very popular sex-toys has now confirmed that they will be developing the strap-on masturbation sex toy accessory/case for iPad after it get pitched by TVMiller.Com and even got featured in GTA V Parody a long-time ago. The company's original advertisement video for "Fleshlight LaunchPad!" got pulled down from Youtube, but we managed to grab a news clip item featuring it for you ;).

Fleshlight LaunchPad!

First Ever Professional Porn Video Made Using Google Glass Goes Viral On Internet

There could be many ways one can use the Google Glass technology, while there have been serious concerns about privacy risks of Google Glass which the company needs to address before the device gets mass level usage approval, another problem to address is the "Google Glass Porn".

Google Glass Adult Site

While the company strictly prohibits usage of Google Glass with adult images/videos there are already third-party apps and websites promoting this new adult niche. The first ever professional porn video (available after the read more link below) shot using "Google Glass" is doing rounds over internet getting huge publicity. That's not all, the "Tits & Glass" app also manages to stay on the official "Google Glass AppStore" by showing only SFW (Safe for work) tagged photos on users Glass gadgets, while NSFW photos stay on the publishers website shared only through the webapp.

Google Glass Movie Store

Durex Fundawear - Long Distance Virtual Sex Using Smart Underwears

The concept of long distance sexual pleasure sharing is nothing new, and the amount of social-sharing readers did for our earlier article LovePalz is a testimony that they love it and there is a viable market for these products. Sniffing the demand, Durex has launched an experimental piece of undergarments which allows physical foreplay over the internet, allowing couples to touch each other over the internet. The technology allows these smart underwears to communicate and interact using couple’s touchscreen devices in real-time over internet. Do watch the demonstration videos posted after the jump and share with your friends.

Virtual foreplay

LovePalz - The motion sensing technology defines next generation of virtual sex

This is something you might have not thought using your iPhone for - a Virtual Sex messenger. Well it's possible now, thanks to LovePalz Sex Toyz - a two-way self-pleasure gadget which allows users to simulate sex from anywhere in the world via an WiFi connection. The LovePalz system features ‘Hera’ for ladies and ‘Zues’ device for men, which connects to each other over internet via iPhone apps to share pleasure in realtime.


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