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First Ever Professional Porn Video Made Using Google Glass Goes Viral On Internet

There could be many ways one can use the Google Glass technology, while there have been serious concerns about privacy risks of Google Glass which the company needs to address before the device gets mass level usage approval, another problem to address is the "Google Glass Porn".

Google Glass Adult Site

While the company strictly prohibits usage of Google Glass with adult images/videos there are already third-party apps and websites promoting this new adult niche. The first ever professional porn video (available after the read more link below) shot using "Google Glass" is doing rounds over internet getting huge publicity. That's not all, the "Tits & Glass" app also manages to stay on the official "Google Glass AppStore" by showing only SFW (Safe for work) tagged photos on users Glass gadgets, while NSFW photos stay on the publishers website shared only through the webapp.

Google Glass Movie Store

[Video] How Guys Will Use Google Glass - The future is coming ladies, sorry about that....

When Google Glass finally gets in hands of general users, it can be either a huge hit or a dramatic fail. Here's an interesting watch on how future dating will be with guys using Google Glass.

Get A Chance To Grab Your Personal Google Glass Now...

Google's Project Glass is once again up for grabs, and if this future technology of revolutionary vision excites you, here is your chance to get one from Google.

The Google Glass

Google Glass, could be the revolutionary wearable computer which would change the very fundamental how we interact with computers today. Google Glass features a small transparent display which hangs out above the users eye acting like an HUD (heads-up-display) displaying notifications, images, videos, and other items pulling data from internet; the gadget interacts with the user via voice commands and speech synthesis. This is not all, the attached camera can also be used to shoot excellent point-of-view (POV) photos and videos with instant sharing using voice commands.

Awesome HD 3D holographic projection technology brings Tupac live on-stage for a performance with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

Thanks to the latest 3D HD projection technology now you can enjoy a life-like, realistic, 3D projection of your favorite celebrities on stage, this jaw-dropping technology was recently used at this year’s Coachella Music Festival in California. Tupac was projected live on-stage for a performance with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and watching the video (posted after the jump) I bet you can't say it was a projection.

Tupac 3D

Google Project Glass - The Future Technology

There is no doubt Google is pioneering our future of technology, whether it's their ultra-cool Google's Self Driving Cars or their newest public reveleation of "Google Project Glass".

Google Project Glass is an experimental futuristic augmented reality technology which can change how we use, process and consume information. And to get user ideas and start things out Google has posted how they see this "Google Glass" technology can impact our future. Enjoy, the must-see video demonstration after the jump.

Google Glass

Autostitch - Intelligent Free Software To Create Panoramic Images with Ease

Professional panoramic images need expensive specialized camera's and equipments to build, but now you can create cool panoramic images from your pictures taken using any normal camera and that too for free without using any expensive software, Autostitch is a free software from University of British Columbia allowing you to create panoramas with ease, the software holds title for being the world's first fully automatic 2D image stitcher. The user simply selects a set of images using the windows interface, and the software automatically stitches them into a panorama as illustrated in the image below.

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