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Pebble Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear: The Smartwatch Evolution

A nice video commercial from Samsung showing how we have been fantasizing about uber-cool geeky watches since past 85 years and have now finally got it.

"Hot Watch" - New Smart Watch Puts Competition To Dust With Innovative Hands On Talk Technology

Smart-watches seems to be the new buzzword in gadget industry these days with Apple, Google and Samsung reportedly working on them. The success of "Pebble Watch" kickstarter campaign inspired many to make a smarter watch and we now have another successfully funded Kickstarted project "Hot Watch" taking smart-watch technology to new heights.

What makes "Hot Watch" superior to the competition is that it turns users hand into a phone with innovative private call technology enabling users to send and receive messages and make private calls without touching their phone. Confused ? watch the video demonstration and see the secret behind the technology yourself.

Hot Watch

Seiko CPC TR-006 - The Bluetooth Smart Watch Communicates With Your Phone

Seiko's CPC TR-006 is a prototype watch featuring wirefree bluetooth communicates with users cellphone. In it's current incarnation this smart-watch can receive text messages, show Caller ID and even adjust ringtones by communicating with your mobile-phone.

Seiko's CPC TR-006

Apple iWatch

While rumors of an Apple branded smart-watch are circulating all over the internet, here is an fun take on it from Joy Of Tech.


Full comic posted below (click read more below).

An Elegant and Functional Google Smartwatch Concept

While Google is ushering the next generation of smart technology by offering daily used technology innovations like Google Self Driving Cars and Google Project Glass, here is an interesting "Google Smart Watch" concept by "Adrian Maciburko".

Google Time Concept
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