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How to Spy on Android Phone Without Access to Target Phone

Technology advances and the development of smartphones have permeated every aspect of our social fiber. No wonder, most of us have contemplated spying on someone else’s phone.

Android is the dominant smartphone operating system so you will be forgiven if you fancy spying on an Android smartphone. To spy on a smartphone running on this platform you require the right app.

There are many phone surveillance apps available but not all can accomplish all their claims.

As with almost everything online, there are scams in phone surveillance. In this article, I will you how to spy on Android smartphone using Cocospy.

Is it Possible to Spy on Android Without Access to Target Phone?

Although I don’t want to burst your bubble, there is no polite way of saying this. There is no way you can spy on an Android target phone without access to the device.

Well if am being honest there is a way and it involves using ISP to spy on the target. That’s right and it is almost impossible at least for us who don’t have the required technical skills. Even so, it is an uphill challenge.

So, if you have the skills go ahead. Otherwise, for us mere mortals we need access to the target Android device to spy on it. Physical access to the target device is necessary to install the surveillance app.

Cocospy – The Best Android Smartphone Surveillance App

Cocospy is a smartphone surveillance app designed to deliver what you have come to expect from a spy app. It can spy on the target Android device without the target ever suspecting they are being spied on.

This app is equipped with over 35 features that let you invade every area of the target Android phone. It gives you access to everything from social media apps to messages to every keystroke on the target.

What sets this surveillance app apart?

Cocospy is a true surveillance app with the tools and features to match.

1. Works in Stealth Mode - Cocospy uses stealth technology to spy on your target. It works in the background while consuming very minimal system resources to ensure the target never gets a whiff.

After installation on the target Android phone, the app icon disappears and the app disguises itself in the app list.

2. No Rooting Required - To spy on every aspect of the target Android device, you won’t have to root the Android phone. Thanks to use of advanced surveillance technology and engineers at Cocospy, you don’t need technical skills to use this app.

3. 100% Legit and safe - Cocospy is a completely legitimate surveillance app that delivers whatever it promises its users. This app does come with a malware or virus installed so it is safe for both you and your Android target.

Also, it doesn’t share your online activity with others. Hence, you can rest assured your surveillance activities remain private.

5. Remote access - To spy on Android phone, Cocospy lets you access your target Android phone from anywhere in the world. Cocospy is a web-based surveillance solution that lets you use any web browser to spy on your target.

So, with Cocospy you can monitor a remote cell phone spy software without target phone.

Features to expect from Cocospy

Cocospy provides plenty of features. Below are some of the captivating features.
1. Call tracker - This feature lets you spy on every phone call detail on the target Android phone. With this app, you will access contact details, call time, call duration and number of calls on your dashboard.

2. Message spy - Cocospy gives you access to the all messages on the target Android device. It will let you access the messages timestamp and the contact person.

3. Social apps - Here, you will be able to spy on the most common social apps such as FB, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You will be able to access all conversations on these apps.

4. Android Keylogger - This feature lets you capture every keystroke on the target device. Keylogger feature in Cocospy lets you record login credentials of the target when accessing different platforms.

How to Spy on Android Phone
As we have highlighted, the simplest way involves installing Cocospy on the target phone. To spy on an Android phone, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the official Cocospy website and sign up for an account. While there, subscribe to a plan that suits your needs.

Step 2: Download and install the Android App. The setup wizard will take you through the installation process.
Step 3: To start spying on the target Android device, login to your Cocospy dashboard using your preferred we browser.

Here, you have everything at your disposal. You can access everything from social media to login credentials via Android Keylogger.


Accessing a target Android phone remotely is totally possible. However, you will need initial physical access to the target phone to install the app.
In case you come across an Android surveillance app that claims no installation is required, that’s a scam. If you don’t the technical skills required to spy on the target, we have given you the best alternative, Cocospy.

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