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Fixing USB Removable HDD Not Working With Windows 7

On a newly installed "Windows 7" setup my portable USB hard-disk drive failed to get recognized, the strange part was "Windows 7" was able to recognize the external HDD correctly and notices it when it gets plugged in/out but the drive was not shown under "My Computer" or any other drive display option. To get rid of this problem follow the instructions provided below.

Know Why HDD LED Is Flashing Or Why The CPU Fan Gets Louder Even When You Are Not Doing Anything

As the name suggests free Windows utility "What's my computer doing?" lets you see what is causing your hard-disk LED to blink or the CPU fan getting louder even when you're not doing anything.

PC Activity Monitor

Nothing groundbreaking but the utility can come handy getting rid of unwanted software products hogging your HDD and CPU when ideal and provides enough information and links to verify authenticity of the running process easily.

Space Monger - Keep Track On Your Hard-Disk Usage

Download Space Monger

SpaceMonger is a not so well known utility for keeping track of files and folders on your hardisk graphically. Each file and folder is displayed in a colored box in the software main window whose size is a relative comparison to all the other files on your system. The program supports popup info-tips that can display file/folder information like the full filename, the icon, the date, size, and attributes of any file or folder. You can delete files from the right click menu and customize the number of files to be shown as well as the color scheme.

There are two versions of SpaceMonger - older version 1.4 is free and does not need any installation, the product is discontinued and a new shareware version 2.1 is available, the new version is more of a visual eye candy.

Space Monger Screenshot Space Monger 2

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