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Web 3.0

20th Birthday Of World Wide Web And Future

6 August marks the birth of World Wide Web exactly twenty years ago, when it became publicly accessible. The founder Tim Berners-Lee started the project for public-access by posting a short summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup giving birth to a new technology which changed the world.

The Very First Web-browser Running On NeXTStep OS

First Web Browser

We are currently in Web 2.0 era and the future of web has to offer lots more, if your question is "What the future of web holds ?" the answers is "Web 3.0". The new "Web 3.0" will be "Semantic Web" utilizing more metadata designed to be read by machines rather than humans. An intro video to the new futuristic semantic "Web 3.0" is available after the jump.

Convert RSS Feeds To Mobile Optimized Format With SMS Alerts

RSS2MOBILEThe mobile web is a pretty hot niche with ever growing user base, it seems that the next internet revolution (Web 3.0) is going to happen over hand-held devices, biggies like Google and Mozilla have already geared up for the next web-revolution by offering their products on the mobile platform like Google Adsense for Mobile and Firefox Mobile (Fennec) web-browser.

FeedM8 is a free service offering mobile optimized RSS feeds for bloggers and readers, with a few clicks website publishers can create and offer mobile enabled version of their website with SMS alert facility (Only for US and Canada) when new content is added, individual users can also create and access mobile feeds of their favorite sites, social networks, and weather updates getting alerted by SMS on mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

RSS To Mobile

FeedM8 makes use of patent pending technology to create phone-model specific website versions using RSS technology, FeedM8 also offers easy integration options with ability to monetize mobile feeds for publishers.

Preview Next Generation Yahoo WebMail

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