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Google Goes Nasty With Gmail Inbox Advertisements, Microsoft Taunts With New Scroogle And We Tell You How To Get Rid of Them

The new Gmail Tabbed interface introduced a few months ago turned out to be the part of a bigger advertisement revenue earning strategy by Google, the new design is now spawning targeted ads right into your inbox disguised as genuine emails. Whether this is SPAM (which is basically unsolicited emails) or not, nobody is liking the new move from Google. Microsoft took no time to make another video in their Scroogled by Google campaign which can be watched after the "Read more" link below with a working tip to get rid of these invasive inbox advertisements.

media reports on gmail advt

Gmail's Introduces New Tabbed Interface - Here is how to get it now....

Gmail's labels/Tags is no less than a life-saver when it comes to efficient email management, this nifty feature has now been taken to the next level with introduction of the new inbox interface which organizes email into five optional tabs: primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. These categories make it easy to read messages of the same type all at once, and keep track of your mail more efficiently.

The new interface is highly customizable with ability to choose which tabs a user wants, supporting full drag-n-drop functionality between tabs. The new tabbed interface is also available on mobile devices when using the official native Gmail apps on Android and iOS platforms. Do watch the video shared below with instructions on how to activate and deactivate this new interface now.

Gmail Tabbed Interface

Grab a YourName.Me Domain and Email ID for FREE

DOMAIN.ME LogoWouldn't you love to send and receive emails from a anything@YourName.Me email ID, specially when you are getting the YourName.Me domain for free !!

If your answer was Yes, here is a great chance to grab your own .ME domain for one year at the best price of $0.00 complete with a Whois Guard subscription. This free domain name and email offer would not only allow you to create a personalized online identity but also helps others identify that the content and communications come directly from you.

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How to verify your email servers SPF and DKIM records

Once configured it is a good practice to verify email servers SPF and DKIM records ensuring proper email deliverability. The process is very simple just send an email to from the configured email server/domain and you will receive an email response with verification report in it. If things are configured correctly the report will show "PASS" as shown below.

Configuring SPF and DKIM email verification for Google Apps

Google Apps offers an excellent email service for businesses, anybody having a domain name can offer email accounts with full Gmail features by just changing a few MX record entries in there DNS options and configuring there web-applications to use Google's server for emailing.

To ensure better email delivery rate to user's inbox avoiding chances of being tagged as SPAM, there are systems in place which allows email sending server to verify email origin (a sort of digital signature) and let SPAM categorization algorithms decide whether the email is sent from a fake "From" origin address or a real one.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) are two such measures and here is how to set them up for emails originating from Google Apps servers for your domain.

Grab WinZip Courier worth $24.95 for free and experience the easiest way to compress and email large attachments

Emailing large files which surpass the 10/20 MB maximum file-size limit imposed by most email services today is a hassle we have to face every now and then, while there are free online solutions like FileFlyer and YouSendIt, these web-based services have failed upload issues on slower connections.

If you happen to email large attachments here is an great opportunity to grab WinZip Courier utility worth $24.95 for free designed to tackle exactly this issue, using WinZip Courier users are able to Zip, encrypt, and safely deliver large files via seamlessly integration with email applications, office suite and even web-based email services like Gmail.

Winzip Courier Activation

WinZip Courier features seamless integration with popular email clients and web-services, automatic file compression of outgoing files, support for emailing compressed file-size upto 2GB, secure password protected and encrypted file delivery options, one-step image resize and more all from an integrated, easy to use interface, right from the application of your choice.

Winzip courier

Popular iOS and MAC email client "Sparrow" now belongs to Google

Elegant, lightweight and fast email client "Sparrow" for Apple Mac OS X and iOS platform got acquired by Google, Sparrow is a popular utility which uses a simplified user interface and is tightly integrated with Google and other IMAP email accounts. The simple to use email client features drag-and-drop attachments, Dropbox/ support for uploading attachments, Growl support, Gmail labels and keyboard shortcuts, as well as threaded replies and easy switching between accounts in desktop version.

Both the iOS and Mac versions of Sparrow offer a better usability then native email clients on respective operating systems.


With Google's purchase of the client utility, one can safely assume and expect "Sparrow" themed changes in Gmail in future.

Reserve your email ID before someone else does...

Microsoft is betting high on cloud computing and it's recent release of Office 365 certifies this, Microsoft has now opened it's gates for free account registrations at - so hurry-up and go grab before anyone else does.

Based on now Microsoft universal Metro UI interface the free web-mail service looks snappy and elegant.

Outlook email grab

BrandMyEmail - Create and send rich, beautiful emails from your Gmail account using personalized dynamic template

Brand My Email LogoNow say goodbye to those old boring email signatures as free email templating system "BrandMyMail" lets it's users create and send attractive, dynamic, social-media linked emails and signatures.

Using the free service anybody can spice up their sent email's automatically with real-time social-media content like Twitter feeds, Flickr photos, YouTube videos,blog posts, eBay listings and many more. BrandMyMail features an easy-to-use, drag-n-drop, personalized email template editor which is used to create your unique email template which gets integrated with Gmail to be used for all sent emails.

Brand My Email Template

Preview Next Generation Yahoo WebMail

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