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Here is what you receive in reply when you send a DMCA copyright notice to

There is no doubt that has been the most bold, organization when it comes to copyright matters. And things really get funny when you send an DMCA copyright infringement notice to them and they reply - read the full letter after the jump.

DMCA Notice

The Pirate Bay Decides To Stop Offering Torrent Downloads

World's leading torrent download website ThePirateBay has decided to do away with torrent downloads in upcoming days. In a month's time The Pirate Bay will no longer offer downloads of .torrent files. "Shocked" - don't be, they are just going to move forward to a better alternative offering downloads via magnet links.

Baywords - New Uncensored Free Blogging Service From ThePirateBay

BayWordsBayWords is a brand new offering from the folks behind the popular torrent portal - ThePirateBay, Baywords is promising freedom of speech by offering free uncensored blogging service for its users.

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