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Mac Freeware

Hawkscope - Free Multiplatform Utility To Access Hard Drive Contents Quickly Via System Tray

FolderHawkscope is an free multi-platform productivity utility providing easy access to disk-drive contents via system tray icon, the dynamically populated pop-up menu provides fast access to the file-system without the need to open file-explorer and manual navigation, the best part is that Hawkscope is extensible via plugins and there are handy plugins available to check Gmail messages, tweeting, executing commands, and searching Google.

Free AntiVirus Software For Mac

Mac OS XIf you think you don't need an anti-virus software for Mac then you might regret your decision taking chances with your data and privacy, although very limited but there exist viruses for Macs and to get protection from these baddies you need an Anti-virus solution, luckily like Windows there are quite a few good free anti-virus software's available for Mac OS X, PCTools iAntiVirus and ClamXav are two such free solutions for your Mac computer.

PCTools iAntiVirus is very simple to use with minimal options, the free software provides efficient real-time protection with automatic smart-updates.


Opera 9.5 With Haute Secure Anti-Malware Protection

Opera 9.5Opera released Beta 2 of their upcoming Opera 9.5 web-browser for public download, Opera is the most feature rich web-browser out-of-the-box, and Opera 9.5 is coming with another much sought after feature - inbuilt Anti-malware protection from Haute Secure (A well known community based malware database), Firefox 3 is the only other browser to have in-built anti-malware protection but it uses data from Google and StopBadware for blocking malicious webpages before it loads on your browser.

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