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How To Download Latest Google Android OS v 2.3.5 XXJVT On Samsung Galaxy SI9000 And Flash Using Cross-platform Heimdall Flashing Tool

If you are looking for an android firmware flashing tool like ODIN for Linux or MAC, free cross-platform utility Heimdall is the answer. While Odin is a leaked internal Samsung software, Heimdall is an open-source, cross-platform tool suite to flash ROM's onto Samsung Galaxy S devices - Heimdall uses the same protocol as Odin but is easier to use and supports cross-platform operation.

Here is an step-by-step illustrated tutorial on how to flash the latest Heimdall stock firmware packages for GT-I9000 (2.3.5, XXJVT) on Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

Heimdall Flashing Tool

Heimdall Flashing Tool

PREY - Free Multi-Platform Laptop Tracking Utility

PREYWe have shared basic laptop theft tracking utilities earlier but multi-platform laptop tracking utility PREY is much more powerful and feature rich, the free software for Windows, Linux and Mac allows laptop owners to retrieve general status of the computer, list of running programs, active connections, detailed network/WiFi information, screenshot of desktop and even picture of thief (if a webcam is connected) by email if the laptop is determined stolen by periodic checking of an URL on internet.

Prey Anti-theft Utility

Laptop owners needs to configure and activate PREY once and it will run in background periodically checking internet for pre-configured URL without getting noticed, if URL is found it will send e-mail with all tracking information attached.

Download Pwnage Tool 2.0 For Jailbreaking iPhone

Unlocking 3G iPhoneFinally the much awaited iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking software "Pwnage Tool 2.0" is released for public downloading, a more official announcement with detailed information is expected to be released in next few days from the developers the iPhone-Dev Team.

The new version of the free software "Pwnage Tool 2.0" allows iPhone owners to jailbreak and unlock older iPhones with firmware up to and including the new version 2.0, and jailbreak iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touches (so you can run 3rd party applications not supported by Apple and the new iPhone App Store), 3G iPhone unlocking is expected to be included in upcoming releases.

Opera 9.5 With Haute Secure Anti-Malware Protection

Opera 9.5Opera released Beta 2 of their upcoming Opera 9.5 web-browser for public download, Opera is the most feature rich web-browser out-of-the-box, and Opera 9.5 is coming with another much sought after feature - inbuilt Anti-malware protection from Haute Secure (A well known community based malware database), Firefox 3 is the only other browser to have in-built anti-malware protection but it uses data from Google and StopBadware for blocking malicious webpages before it loads on your browser.

Free Solution To Protect Your Laptop From Being Stolen

Laptop TheftEvery few second a laptop is stolen and most of them are never recovered, your laptop is not only a expensive hardware gadget but it also contains lot of information about you with all your data, and losing it posses a great danger.

Apple Aperture 2 Released

Apple Apperture 2Apple released the next major version of their popular photo editing and management software "Aperture 2", with over 100+ new features, streamlined interface, faster performance and enhanced image processing capabilities the software seems to be worthy upgrade for its users.

Image Editor For Mac

Aperture 2 lets users directly upload portfolios on the .Mac Web Gallery for viewing on the web using their .Mac account, Aperture also lets users sync their Aperture library to an iPhone or iPod. Or enjoy photos on a widescreen TV in high definition using Apple TV.

Fone2Phone - Utility To Download Data Off Your Old CellPhone To iPhone

Fone2Phone is a new utility for MacOS allowing you to transfer your contacts, notes, dates, bookmarks, music, photos and videos from your old cell phone to iPhone easily.

Fone2Phone uses a bluetooth connection between your MAC and Old Cellphone to get data on the Mac, from where you can synchronize it to your iPhone.

Fone2Phone is not free and costs 12.52 euros, however a demo version can be downloaded from the author website.

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