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Rapidshare Files

Load2All - Free Mass File-Mirroring Service With Auto-Splitting For Unlimited File-Upload Size

Load2AllThere are quite a few file-mirror services and utilities like UploadJockey, RapidSpread and Zoom’s File & Image Uploader which makes multi-host file-uploading as easy it can get, but all new free file mass-mirror service Load2All is going to be the new favorite of everybody with its unique feature of unlimited file upload size as the service takes care of auto-splitting your files and uploading them to 19 popular file-hosters.

Load2All Mass Mirror Service Supporting Unlimited File Upload Size

Apart from the handy automatic file-splitting and upload functionality the service also allows users to specify there Rapidshare collector account details so files get uploaded to their accounts and they can earn Rapidshare points.

RapidSpread - Upload, Share, and Create File Mirror in One Step With Ease

RapidspreadRapidSpread is another free file mirror service similar to Uploadjockey but supporting even more file-mirrors, while Uploadjockey supports Rapidshare, Badongo, Easy-share, Zshare, Megaupload and Depositfiles, RapidSpread also supports,Mediafire, Zippyshare, Sendspace, FileFactory and Imageshack.

Mass File Mirror Service

Rapidshare Farewells CAPTCHA (Image Code) And Wait Restrictions For Free Users

RapidshareAfter annoying free users with hard to read CAT CAPTCHA's, World's biggest one click file-hoster Rapidshare has finally done farewell to CAPTCHA altogether, Rapidshare also announced that from now free users will be able to download without any waits until starting a succeeding download, however now free users will be restricted to a maximum speed of 500 kilobit per second.

Rapidshare CAPTCHA

Premium users will also now have more flexibility regarding the download volume, now they are able to download a maximum of 10 gigabyte per day and can be "saved" now to a maximum of 50 Gigabyte. As a consequence, the volume that was not used is transferred to the following day automatically, up to a maximum of 50 gigabyte, Also, earlier Premium and Collector's Accounts were credited a RapidPoints when a file was downloaded by a Free User but From now, Premium Downloads can generate up to 255 additional RapidPoints per day. Those extra points will be displayed in the account overview in the Premium or Collector's Zone.

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