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iPhone Software

How To Create And Use iPhone Ringtones For Free

Apple iPhone now officially supports ringtones but require you to pay and purchase them from iTunes Store, However, you can easily create and use custom iPhone ringtones from your existing MP3 music library for free, there exist several different tricks and utilities to create iPhone compatible ringtones with ease.

Ring Ring would be the most easy to use free utility for creating custom iPhone ringtones, to convert any MP3 file into iPhone compatible ringtone format all you need to do is to simply Drag-and-drop it into the application and choose start and stop timings, details of the full procedure are as follows:

  1. Download and Extract Ring Ring - iPhone Ringtone Maker.
  2. Double-click "RingRing.exe" to launch application.
  3. Ring-Ring iPhone Ringtone Maker
  4. Drag-and-drop or Double-click and browse desired MP3 file from the Drop-target as shown above.

Using iPhone And iPod Touch As Removal Disk Drive

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch offer lots of storage space which can be utilized for storing files, backups or as an external disk drive, but unfortunately Apple removed the ability to use the device as an external storage, However as always software's have been developed to bypass this restriction.

DiskAid is one such free software for Windows and Mac enabling owners to use their iPhone or iPod touch as an external disk drive, With DiskAid you can transfer files and folders between your iPhone or iPod Touch and your Computer with ease, DiskAid auto-detects any plugged in supported device and offers an easy to use Files & Folders Browser with drag and drop support for fast and easy operations.

iPhone USB Drive

You don't need to jailbreak iPhone or iPod and the softwares works well with all the firmware versions including the latest iPhone Software Update 2.0.

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