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iPod Touch

New Hacker Tool Allows Stealing Personal User Data From iPhone

iPhone SecurityAs anticipated few months ago iPhone worm's and viruses have now started to appear in wild, Mac security software provider Intego Security has unveiled a new hacker-tool dubbed iPhone/Privacy.A which utilizes the default SSH password vulnerability in jailbroken iPhone's to gain access to iPhone's data enabling hackers to steal users email, contacts, SMS's, calendars, photos, music files, videos and virtually anything on users device.

iPhone Hacking Toolkit

Written in Python the iPhone hacking utility allows hackers access to victim devices from computer's running Windows, OSX/Unix and Linux allowing them to do anything with stolen data, to prevent yourself from this and similar threat's all you need to is to change the default SSH password on jailbroken iPhone's and iPod's following the simple how-to guide provided next.

Blackra1n Screenshots Released; Better One Click Jailbreaking Utility appuloha1l Launching Today

GeoHot's much awaited one tool to rule them all Blackra1n seems to be releasing soon is now released (see full post for Blackra1n direct download links) hours after GeoHot made GUI and icon screenshot's public on twitter, however, things are getting quite exciting as a better more advanced one-click jailbreaking utility for all versions and generations of iPhone/iPod Touch is coming our way today dubbed appuloha1l, the author's claim appuloha1l to be more advanced then blackra1n as its capable of jailbreaking untethered iPod Touch 3rd generation and is seven seconds faster then blackra1n for jailbreaking (blackra1n takes 30 seconds to jailbreak, while appuloha1l takes 23 seconds to jailbreak).

Blackra1n User Interface
Blackra1n On iPhone

iPhone Trojan And Viruses Are Here !

iPhone AntiVirusYou may soon need an anti-virus solution for your Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices as there seem to be an increasing number of reports claiming virus and trojan outbreaks on jail-broken iPhones, almost an year ago iPhone Trojan named '113 prep' created quite a buzz being the first virus/Trojan for iPhone appearing onto the radar, now iPhone users are reporting strange message popups on there devices.

iPhone Virus

Despite this being suggested as an iPhone Virus or Trojan by some forum members I am very much sure that it is nothing more then a prank, but considering the current scenario of increasing number of jail-broken iPhones having ability to install unverified cracked applications this can soon lead to make malware creators target these devices.

Simple Guide To Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G

Apple iPod TouchUnlike iPod Touch First Generation jailbreaking the newer iPod Touch Second Generation requires a different approach as QuickPWN currently does not support iPod Touch 2G, luckily iPod 2G is now jailbreakable and QuickFreedom is a new utility which can get the job done pretty easily via a simple to use wizard styled user interface, QuickFreedom works on Windows XP and Vista allowing users to jailbreak and install Cydia and Installer with options to change the boot logo.


QuickFreedom supports jailbreaking the latest iPod Touch 2G with 2.2.1 firmware, the 5-step jailbreaking process is quite simple and can be done easily as described next.

Simple Guide To Jailbreak Apple iPod Touch 1G Using QuickPWN

Jail-breaking your Apple iPod Touch allows you to enjoy hundreds of themes, games, applications and hacks which are not supported by Apple, although jailbreaking can be done pretty easily using free wizard styled application QuickPwn if not done properly it can render your device inoperable requiring a restore via iTunes.

iPod Touch Jailbreak

Jailbreaking your device requires basic computer knowledge and should take roughly 15-25 minutes to complete on a decently powered PC/Mac computer.

iTunes 8.0 And A New Cheaper And Sleeker iPod Version

Kevin Rose - founder of Digg is claiming to have knowledge of upcoming revamped iPod models and iTunes 8.0 software with lots of new features, in a blog post Kevin also posted pictures of rumored new version of iPod Nano.

New iPod Nano

Kevin is claiming to have knowledge of following rumors:

How To Downgrade iPhone Firmware v 2.0 To Earlier Versions

Bricked iPhoneIf you upgraded to the latest iPhone firmware version 2.0 by mistake and bricked your iPhone or don't like the new upgrade here are simple to follow step by step instructions to restore iPhone or iPod Touch to an earlier firmware of your choice.

  1. Uninstall iTunes 7.7 and Install iTunes 7.5.
  2. Connect your phone to computer via USB.
  3. Turn off the phone.
  4. Place your phone in DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade) as described below:
  • Push and hold Home and Power buttons on your phone simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Release the Power button but keep holding Home until the computers beeps recognizing the USB device.
  • You should be in DFU mode now.
  • Download and save your desired iPhone and iPod Firmware Version Files.
  • Now go ahead with the restore to your desired iPhone firmware using iTunes 7.5, to do so simply Hold down Shift key and press the Restore button in iTunes.
    Restore iPhone
  • Select your iPhone restore file to continue.
  • Once restored you can Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone using various other methods.
  • Here are the video instructions for the steps above.

    Using iPhone And iPod Touch As Removal Disk Drive

    Apple iPhone and iPod Touch offer lots of storage space which can be utilized for storing files, backups or as an external disk drive, but unfortunately Apple removed the ability to use the device as an external storage, However as always software's have been developed to bypass this restriction.

    DiskAid is one such free software for Windows and Mac enabling owners to use their iPhone or iPod touch as an external disk drive, With DiskAid you can transfer files and folders between your iPhone or iPod Touch and your Computer with ease, DiskAid auto-detects any plugged in supported device and offers an easy to use Files & Folders Browser with drag and drop support for fast and easy operations.

    iPhone USB Drive

    You don't need to jailbreak iPhone or iPod and the softwares works well with all the firmware versions including the latest iPhone Software Update 2.0.

    New 32GB iPod Touch Launched By Apple

    Just in time for Valentine's day Apple has announced 32GB version of iPod Touch, with this latest offering iPod Touch is now available in 8, 16 & 32 GB variants.

    Apple iTouch 32 GB

    The iPod Touch (iTouch) series of iPod is similar to iPhone minus the phone capabilities, having Multi-Touch interface, 3.5-inch widescreen full color display, Wi-Fi connectivity and pre-installed applications for services like web-browsing, YouTube, Mail, Stocks, Weather, Notes, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, Maps etc. iTouch is the gadget to go for this year.

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