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Eight Tips On How to Organize a Successful Networking Event

Hosting a networking event can be a great way to meet new people and build your business contacts. By sending out invitations and setting a date that works for most of your guests, you can ensure that your event will succeed.

You'll also need to decide on a location and create a plan for the party. Have plenty of food and drinks available, and take care of any last-minute details before the party begins!

Dispatch Proxy Allows Users To Share Multiple Connections On Windows, Linux And Mac

Why prioritize one internet connection over another when we can enjoy all at the same time!! By design the core TCP/IP technology only allows us to utilize a single interface for connecting via internet at a time, there is no provision for combining bandwidth of two interfaces to achieve higher speeds. A new technology named Multipath TCP is now available which allows connections to use multiple paths for maximizing resource usage and increase redundancy but is only supported by modified Linux Kernel and Apple iOS 7 for now. However, a new open-source project allows users to enjoy similar benefits using a simple local proxy service.

New easy-to-use, cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) 'dispatch-proxy' project aims to fill this gap allowing users to benefit from combined bandwidth and redundancy of multiple internet connections at the same time by automatically load balancing traffic between multiple connections channels. Simply follow the setup instructions as shared below and you will be using this in less then 10 minutes.

Dispatch Proxy
Dispatch Proxy

How To Setup Internet Access Priority With Multiple Networks On Windows

If you are using multiple NIC's (Network Adapters) to access more than one network, it gets tricky from where you internet connection comes from. Here is one such scenario and solution to make Microsoft Windows prioritize internet connection from a particular network over the other. In my example setup I have one LAN connection ( and one WiFi connection ( and would like Windows to use internet from my fixed-line broadband connected via LAN.

Networking Configuration

Google Shared Stuff Now Online

A new service by Google named "Google Shared Stuff" is now online, this new service lets you share your links with your friends and everybody else public). The service make use of a bookmarklet in your browser's bookmark bar which popup's a new windows as shown below.

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