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How To Unlock Iphone

[Video] Apple iPhone X FaceID Fooled

Phone unlocking with face-recognition technology was never a secure option to opt for, Android phones had the feature as early as 2011 and latest as 2017 but both got duped easily as demostrated in linked posts.

When Apple announced iPhone X with various sensors for FaceID, it was assumed it could not be that easily fooled/hacked, but the it turned out the otherway. There are now multiple videos shared by users where siblings, kids and hackers/researchers are getting a free pass on users locked iPhones without much efforts :(

Do watch the three videos shared below where the mighty Apple iPhone X flagship gets pwned by siblings, kids and researchers in seconds.

Download Pwnage Tool 2.0 For Jailbreaking iPhone

Unlocking 3G iPhoneFinally the much awaited iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking software "Pwnage Tool 2.0" is released for public downloading, a more official announcement with detailed information is expected to be released in next few days from the developers the iPhone-Dev Team.

The new version of the free software "Pwnage Tool 2.0" allows iPhone owners to jailbreak and unlock older iPhones with firmware up to and including the new version 2.0, and jailbreak iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touches (so you can run 3rd party applications not supported by Apple and the new iPhone App Store), 3G iPhone unlocking is expected to be included in upcoming releases.

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