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Windows Vista

Blink! - Free Utility Let Users Login To PC By Simply Looking Into The Webcam

BlinkWe can tweak our Windows computers to enable auto-login feature letting by the password entry hassle every time the computer is booted, however this comes at the cost of leaving our data privacy and security susceptible to misuse.

But no worries as we now have a solution which secures our computer from unauthorized access as-well-as does not require the hassle of entering the password to gain access, free utility Blink! makes logging into Windows easier then ever, just look into a webcam for a moment, and you’ll be logged into your account automatically.

PC Login By Face Recognition

Blink! employs advanced face-recognition technology to provide quick, automatic and reliable login to one or many computer users easily, The innovative technology is even able to match the user with different haircuts, with or without eye-wear, beards or mustaches grown or shaved off while completely eliminating false positives even under varying lighting conditions.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta Standalone Direct Download Links

Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta is officially out now for public downloading, the latest release features major Hotfixes and security Updates for the operating system, Vista SP2 adds support for new hardware devices, improves certain administration tasks and addresses reliability and performance issues.

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC

Windows Vista SP1 Download

Microsoft has released the Windows Vista SP1 RC for public downloading via windows update, the long awaited service pack can be download from this link.

DreamScene Animated Desktop Released For Vista Ultimate

Microsoft released the much awaited animated desktop add-on "DreamScene" for windows vista under there "Ultimate Extras" program, With DreamScene the desktop background comes to life with videos, many high resolution desktop videos are already available and Microsoft has also tied up with StarDock to release several more desktops for DreamScene. Windows DreamScene supports .mpeg and .wmv video file formats.

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