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iPhone Privacy

German Expert Warns Against Using iPhone5S Fingerprint Function

In light of the PRISM spying by NSA, German experts earlier warned their Government against using Microsoft Windows 8 by companies and authorities. And once again a German data-protection specialist Johannes Caspar warns against using iPhone 5S's new Fingerprint ID function. While Apple claims this to be secure by saying 'your fingerprint is only stored on the iPhone, never transmitted over the network' the expert arguments that 'The biometric features of your body, like your fingerprints, cannot be erased or deleted and stay with you until the end of your life without changing. They are crucial and should not be used for something as non-vital or casual as unlocking your device.

iPhone Having A Secret Kill Switch !!

iPhoneNow this is really some hot news on the iPhone front, according to the information uncovered by Jonathan Zdziarski author of the book iPhone Open Application Development and an iPhone Forensics manual, Apple seems to have included has a application blacklisting mechanism in the latest iPhone OS 2.x, using which the device can phone back home and check for unauthorized applications, and disable them if found on the blacklist acting as a hidden kill switch.

While doing extensive forensic examination of the iPhone 3G, Jonathan found a configuration file deep inside the Core Location having callback to the below URL on Apple Site:

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