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German Security Officers Warns Govt. : Microsoft Windows 8 too ‘dangerous’ to use

German government experts have given everybody another reason to hate Microsoft Windows 8, the experts after research concluded that Windows 8 is too ‘dangerous’ to use and pose an unacceptable security risk for companies and authorities. Issuing a warning to the government they called the so-called "Trusted Computing" framework in Windows 8 to be a backdoor for the NSA which can leak sensitive data.

Microsoft Windows 8

The report based on leaked internal government documents elaborates that this backdoor under Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) once paired with TPM 2.0 in 2015, can't be deactivated. Once TPM 2.0 is activated there is no way to check what exactly Microsoft does to the computers through remote updates and can be used by NSA to get confidential information from companies and authorities.


I am not surprised, Thank you for letting me know, Now I will have a better idea for which OS to use in 2014 onwards for all my computers. Bye Bye Microsoft, been nice knowing you.

Since I first heard about it, years ago, I've *never* gotten over the irony: "Trusted Platform." Really? Who would trust it? Someone else holds the keys.

(And even ignoring TPM, "Windows Security" is an oxymoron. To the best of my knowledge, the browser in that badly broken OS continues to use DLLs associated with the kernel. Once you've loaded the operating system, as soon as you start browsing the web, assuming you are foolish enough to connect such a machine to a network, some kid in Belarus likely owns the box.)


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