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Download Google Chrome

Google Chrome finally comes to iOS - features signature fast, synchronized, tabbed browsing

After going mobile with launch of Chrome for Android, the sleek "Google Chrome" web-browser has made it's way to Apple iOS ecosystem with release of Chrome for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

After installing Chrome on your Apple device, you will instantly notice the signature speedier webpage loading - thanks to the smart pre-fetching technique Google Chrome is known for. The other major features you would love enjoying would be - the tabbed browsing, private surfing using incognito mode, synchronized web-browsing tied to your Google account across desktop and mobile browsers to enjoy always in-sync open tabs, bookmarks, passwords and omnibox data with ability to send pages from Chrome on your computer to your phone for offline on-the-go reading.

Google chrome on Apple iPhone

A detailed hands-on review with high-resolution images posted after the jump.

Download Google Chrome Browser For Android

Google Chrome is steadily making it's way to become the leading desktop web-browser, and even has plans to be "the desktop" and not a web-browser on desktop one day. Few months ago Google unveiled the "Google Chrome Beta Webbrowser For Android" platfrom, with features like accelerated page loading/scrolling/zooming, searching and navigation using familiar omnibox, unlimited tabbed browsing with easy-to-view stack, synchronization from desktop browser and Incognito mode the browser is a must try.

Chrome For Android

Download Chrome - Google's Own Web Browser !

Google Chrome Official LogoGoogle's rumored browser project "Google Chrome" is finally coming here, in an official blog post Google provided early details of their open-source browser, a beta version of which will be released in 100 countries today.

Google Chrome Screenshots

Google released an 38 page comic providing details about the new browser, According to which the browser seems to be feature rich and promising, the Google Chrome team seems to have taken best features from different browsers, combined it with one of the best HTML rendering engine Webkit along with a multi-threaded JavaScript engine from V8 boys providing a perfect web-browser solution overcoming shortcomings of existing browsers.

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