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File Synchronization Software

Easy File Sync Software - EaseUS EverySync

Syncing your electronic data, such as soft files, documents and programs, is a must, considering that file congestion is prone to happen. With respect to this idea, you need to secure a proven tool that will truly allow you to sync or synchronize your files in one specific location. Relevant to this, EaseUS EverySync is hereby recommended. There are reasons why you need to avail this tool.

EaseUS EverySync Cloud Sync Feature

First, EaseUS Software program has been tested by thousands of home-based users. Its primary capacity is to provide a complete and secure solution for file syncing, as well as for file backup and sharing. File syncing is really a must because it lets your system to save and protect your files. Categorization of files in one location is also a clear ‘plus factor’ of this capacity.

DropBox Goes Public, No Invite Code Required


Almost six month's ago DropBox was reviewed on this blog and exclusive invite codes were provided to selected few, now the service is available to public without need of any special invite codes, so if you were not lucky last time you can enjoy the fantastic free data synchronization and sharing service now.

DropBox client is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms making it the perfect free cross-platform data synchronization utility, An iPhone-optimized interface also lets you get to your Dropbox from anywhere, including special support for photo galleries.

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