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DropBox - Best Of The Breed Online File Storage, Sharing And Syncing Solution

FolderBoxAfter FolderShare from Microsoft, Dropbox is another similar service, but with much better interface and ease of use, currently under closed private beta the service allows users to synchronize files between multiple computers both Mac and PC.

FolderBox File Synchronization

makes file-sharing and syncing as simple as it can get, The client integrates with the files system and you just need to drop your files inside the special dropbox folder and rest is taken care in background by the Dropbox client. As a file inside the special dropbox folder gets changed, automatic file syncing takes place and online version of the file is updated.

All files inside your Dropbox can be accessed and shared anytime using the online interface, even when your computer is powered down, the best thing about the service is its ability to retain older versions of the file as a backup copy, incase the file gets deleted by mistake from the Dropbox folder.

File Backup & Restore

The service is currently under closed private beta and needs a special invite code to try, Dropbox is holding for few more days to provide more beta codes, once more beta codes are available we will update you.

Visit - Dropbox (Special ref. link to add +250 MB to your account)>>


when i first saw this on digg, i signed up for the beta testing (or giving my email)...havent recieved anything yet :(

sooo yeah..i want an invite :)

webdude43 at gmail

nomad4x at gmail dot com


sharkyD at gmail dot com


$20 to the first to provide me with a dropbox invite for testing and write-up.

robounix aht gmail dizot com

I would love an invite if anyone has one to spare.

jonnyl (at) gmail (dot) com

Any chance that you still have invites available for Dropbox? I would really appreciate one.



can I have a dropbox invite?

Thanks a lot.
Landola at

I would love an invite

estese at gmail dot com

Thanks in advance.

I would also love to have an invite if possible.

chester dot wilmot aht gmail dot com

Thank you.

Please could i have an invite?

henri at henri watson dot com

please invite me kubco2(at)gmail(dot)com


I've already tried other sources but all the invites have been taken already. So far this is my best hope since I don't see a bunch of requests already I suppose you will have some left. Anyways I would love an invite to Dropbox. And if anyone who has received an invite to Dropbox and has some invites could you please invite me

any chance to get an invite?

please invite me ringrocker(at)gmail(dot)com

thx in advance


i'm late i know . . . anyone having an invite please !

212north12th at gmail dot com

thank you

If you could still spare one,, thanks!

would love one too! urbanfocus at gmail

if anyone could please send me an invite I would love one, and would be glad to send invites to others!

Thanks in advance!

I know you.


Guess who?

GUS! >:D

i would really like an invite
feliandrade at the gmail dot com

i would like one if you have it available!

urbanfocus at gmail

I would like an invite to please,

if anyine has any left andrew at hotmail dot com

I would like an invite to please,

if anyine has any left andrewpretty at hotmail dot com

Dropbox seems be great, would you have an invitation ?

I would love an invitation...

newifone AT gmail

thank you!

Hi, would love an invite to try this, if you get an invite, don't be shine :)


mel.one1@gmail dot com

Hi, if there are any invites left, please send one my way and I promise to post invitations back.

bkabb23 (at) gmail (dot) com

email me for an invite.

bkabb23 at gmail dot com

Please send me one !! Thx

stephdep (at) yahoo (dot) com

please send me an invitation for testing

cassowaryacf @ gmail dot com

i'd love an invite!

wkaminski1 at gmail dot com

i'd like an invite

apulakanti at gmail dot com

I got an invite here and I want to share back, if you want an invite send an email to souvlaki at gmail dot com

please an invitation:
noxor49 (at) gmail. com

ya, please, an invite!

patrick.diviacco at gmail. com

Please drop me an invite at Mardee dot Thompson @


Or if any readers of this post that have obtained an invite and have any left to give out. I'd appreciate it.

hi, could u send me a dropbox invite ?
thnx and regards from reunion island

i'd like an invite, please


... please - if there are still some left.
andy_vdg at


I'm also looking for one :p please.
vcqc {at} cardinal [dot] ch

Would love to get an invite

norbiu at gmaildotcom

Invite me, oh pleeeease invite me!!

Thank you


Please invite me. My e mail is:

beastrulr at gmail dot com

thank you.

if someone would be so kind to send me an invite, my email is derekwrandall at gmail dot com


If someone with an invite would be so kind, I would be very pleased go get invited to dropbox.
trond at pcinfo no

Many thanks!

my email is landingo at gmail dot com

Many, many thanks!


I would love an invite!


I would like an invite

afforess [at] gmail dot com

any invitation left? please invite me, i loves to test it. many thanks yeah! this is my email.

rustfaith [at] gmail dot com


i am looking for an invite
maulinwolf at gmail dot com

ww4667 at gmail dot com

Thank you!

i would love an invitation as well

kinnetica at gmail dot com

thanks a lot

i'd appreciate an invitation as well - my address is

i am looking for an invite
dronyr at gmail dot com
thank you

i am looking for an invite
tuddor at centrum dot cz


Can any kind soul invite me to dropbox?


thank you

i'd sure love a drop box invite. hakker1024[at]hotmail[dot]com

I'd be really happy with invite

send a e-mail to to get an invite first 9 people get one

pls send me invite

Once I have signed up, I will be giving away invites too.

Thank you so much!


Please send an invite to johnpcecil at gmail dot com.

Thank you!!

I'd like an invite too... thanks

petr.skalicka (at) seznam (dot) cz

do send me the invitation please..



DropBox is now public:

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