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Computer Printer Ink

Your Printer Is Cheating You On How Much Ink Is Left !!!

A few years back we shared the interesting infographic on how printer ink is costlier then Human blood and many other liquids, with such high costs a user expects the printer to use every bit of it before asking a replacement of the ink-cartridge. Unfortunately, a recent research by the team over at Bellevue Fine Art, Seattle revealed that their Epson printer is flagging professional-grade cartridges 'Empty' when in fact 20% ink still remains in it amounting a loss of hundreds of dollar every month for them. Do watch the video shared below exposing the wastage.

Ink Scam Exposed

iPrint - Smart Utility Saves Printing Costs

iPrintPrinter ink costs more than human blood and we can easily save money on printing costs by using smart utilities like iPrint which let users remove unwanted content from their print-jobs, think iPrint as an advanced print-preview utility which sits in-between your applications and printer allowing users to automatically detect and remove pages with no content with options to manually remove unwanted pages easily, iPrint also allows printing multiple pages on each sheet of paper further saving ink consumption.

iPrint Ink Saver

While doing its job iPrint keeps track of print-jobs measuring total savings and displaying handy reports.

HP Black Ink Is Costlier Than Human Blood

Here is an interesting info-graphic displaying how costly printer-ink is compared to other liquids.

Ink Cost Comparison Chart
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