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Download Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Internet Explorer Updated to v 9.0.7, Download Link Inside

Microsoft rolled out an update to their Internet Explorer web-browser, the security update "KB2699988" fixes a total of thirteen security vulnerabilities. All versions of IE were patched including the latest IE9.

IE 9 Update

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 : "The Browser You Loved To Hate" Campaign Does Change User's Mindset

IE9We are told now and then to "do away with" Internet Explorer in favor of modern web-browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, however the all new Internet Explorer 9 is in-fact a brilliant web-browser with faster start-up and page load speed, support for modern technologies and industry standards. However, we still are stick with the older mentality of IE being an obsolete web-browser, which is strictly not the case after I looked at Microsoft's "The Browser You Loved To Hate" campaign and gave the new browser a fresh try with a new mindset and it did changed the way I used to look at it.

IE 9 - The Browser You Loved To Hate

Full campaign video and website link after the jump.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

Microsoft has finally unveiled another major milestone to final release of Internet Explorer 9 by making IE9 Release Candidate download available for everybody. The "Release Candidate" build features a new ActiveX filtering system which allows users to “turn off ActiveX” for all sites and then re-enable it on site by site basis, on the UI part users can now have tabs on a separate line from address bar, apart from these changes many improvements were done in overall web-browser performance, standards & platform support, user experience and security as detailed next.

IE9 Release Candidate

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Download

The IE9 Beta installer is now officially available for public download and can be grabbed from the direct download links provided below, the web-installer stub is just 2.37 MB in size which downloads the remaining setup files (roughly 24 mb on Windows 7 32bit) and surprisingly requires a system reboot to install (the only web-browser to do that).

IE9 Setup

Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta Leaked

First public beta of Windows Internet Explorer 9 is going to be released in 7 days from now on September, 15, but it seems the IE9 Beta Installer is now leaked outside Microsoft as a website claimed to have the setup also posting the video below demoing the release.

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4 Available For Download

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is showing some steady and impressive progress as the development cycle is inching towards a public beta release, Microsoft is emphasizing support for modern web on IE9 platform capable of delivering rich HTML5 experience that feel more like native applications than websites - supporting hardware-accelerated SVG, canvas, audio, video,and text, IE9 will be harnessing full potential of the PC to achieve best performance.

To further strengthen the ultimate goal of an fast, modern, web-browser IE9's fourth developer preview is now available for download with support for fully hardware-accelerated HTML5 and new test-drive demos showing modern SVG and native JavaScript integration in action.

Internet Explorer 9 Preview 4

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Preview

IE9 LogoThe web-browser war is once again going to get interesting with Internet Explorer 9 Preview now available for public download promising impressive upcoming features, boasting 100% support for W3C Web Standards (see comparison table after the jump) IE9 will support hardware assisted page rendering, background compiled JavaScript and GPU-powered HTML5 graphics for superior performance.

Internet Explorer 9 Main Window
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