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Adobe Flash Finally Says "Quit" On Android And All Other Mobile Platforms

Spat between Late Steve Jobs And Adobe Flash is well-known among the tech-circle, surprisingly Adobe has dropped down their weapons and announced not to further develop the "Adobe Flash Plugin" for mobile devices anymore. According to the official blog-post announcing this Adobe is encouraging developers to use Adobe AIR and HTML5 in the future as alternatives to the Flash web-plugin.

Mobile Adobe Flash

Bing Readies To Get Peppier - Animated Backgrounds, Slideshows And More HTML 5 Goodies In The Pipeline

Bing is well-known for it's beautiful backgrounds and Microsoft has even released an official RSS powered auto-updating Windows 7 theme catering to the niche, now the Bing Team is all set to take this to a whole new level by utilizing HTML 5, CSS 3 and Internet Explorer 9 hardware acceleration capabilities to offer animated videos and slideshows as search-engine background. This new incarnation of Bing is scheduled to be released by mid-October to public and will also offer the ability to smoothly zoom into details of those hi-def backgrounds. A video demonstration of the new animations and videos can be seen below.

HTML 5 Powered Bing

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4 Available For Download

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is showing some steady and impressive progress as the development cycle is inching towards a public beta release, Microsoft is emphasizing support for modern web on IE9 platform capable of delivering rich HTML5 experience that feel more like native applications than websites - supporting hardware-accelerated SVG, canvas, audio, video,and text, IE9 will be harnessing full potential of the PC to achieve best performance.

To further strengthen the ultimate goal of an fast, modern, web-browser IE9's fourth developer preview is now available for download with support for fully hardware-accelerated HTML5 and new test-drive demos showing modern SVG and native JavaScript integration in action.

Internet Explorer 9 Preview 4
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