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Terra A4000i - Electric Scooter With iPhone As Dashboard

We have seen how technology is coming to automobile industry in a big-way with upcoming release of smarter car-models from leading auto companies. The No.1 electric vehicle company from Japan, Terra Motors has taken the leap to integrate technology into two-wheelers with there new offering of Terra A4000i electric scooter with iPhone integration as dashboard for interface. The smartphone will display information like battery status, GPS navigation, temperature and mileage with other important data and will also feature ability to store data on a cloud database. Terra Motors says more smartphone based services would be introduced in the future, which shockingly includes personalized advertisements based users current location while everybody is wondering how to get away from those spooky ads in public transport which gets injected into your brains !!.


Because nothing says safety more than having one of the most distractive device there is, available at your fingertip while driving...
Worse. Idea. Ever.
At least make it so it's not operable while driving, forcing you to stop.

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