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Apple iTable 2 - The Surface Computing Powered Concept Table Tennis 2.0

Apple designs beautiful products, and there have been many concepts mimicking their design philosophy on products they don't create. Here is yet another example of simplistic and futuristic table-tennis table designed using Apple aesthetics. The concept labelled "Apple iTable 2" shows a futuristic version of popular game ping-pong (Table Tennis), the concept features multi-touch surface which is responsive to both human touch as well as the ping-pong ball. The table is powered with two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5620 processors, an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphic cards, a Wi-Fi connection and 12 Bose micro speakers. The screen is Apple’s new HiDPI, which gives a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixel.

The SMART Table will offer various statistics and data during and after the game, for example ball hit location, trajectories and player scores. All this can be synced with Apple iPhone and iPad.

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Is there so much money in table tennis? China may go for it in a big way.

What about a restaurant version where you can watch the chef cook you meal in the kitchen and you can then score the meal, service and technique of the chef.

A gimmick. Nothing better. Ping Pong is a vigorous game and many times the players collide voilently against the table, the bat hits the table voilently and so forth. I doubt if the touch screen table can take the impacts without shaterring.

a). It's an concept.
b). It says "The surface, which is a huge screen, is made of soft acrylic that gives the correct smooth, low-friction coating." (on the designers website), so I guess this should take care of shaterring. Add to that technologies like Gorilla Glass - could also make this possible.

Best Part is to Win the game, and apple is doing very well. No matter the concept looks familiar and not so interested for so many audience but at the same time Unique, Informative and Pro-Active. A very good idea and brilliantly designed to keep the interest up for the players and the audience. Thumbs Up..!!

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