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Fully Cracked Adobe CS5 Master Suite Leaks On Internet Before Retail Shipping Starts

Adobe CS5 MCEverybody knew that Adobe Creative Suite 5 cracked version will be out within days after it starts shipping, but pirates have once again scored releasing the fully cracked Adobe CS5 Master Collection (the costliest version with all features) while users who paid are still waiting for their pre-orders to ship.

Adobe CS5 Master Collection Pirated DVD Download Links

The first-ever pirated release of Adobe CS5 is now live on usenet sites with release name "Adobe.CS5.Master.Suite-Raz0rW1nD" and soon will spread to popular file-sharing methods like torrents, Rapidshare, Hotfile and Megaupload.

The Adobe CS5 creative suite release weighs roughly 9.7 GB and comes in a three DVD set as follows :

Adobe CS5 MasterSuite DVD1 - 3.98 Gb
Adobe CS5 MasterSuite DVD2 - 5.37 Gb
Adobe CS5 MasterSuite DVD3 - 439 Mb

This post is intended to be for news purpose only, please do not post any links to pirated software or keygens in comments as they will get deleted.

thanks to our reader Mohit for the heads up.

Update: Another P2P group has released an portable version of Photoshop CS5 - "Adobe Photoshop CS5 x32 x64 Pre-Release Portable-NoGrp" sizing just 388.20 mb, here is an screenshot as posted on a P2P release site :

Pirated Copy Of Portable Photoshop CS5


hackers are too hot to handle for any company!!!

usenet.... who uses that !?

You would be amazed if you knew ;)

Exactly. Only stupid people fogot that and is using twyters an Facebooks to alienate their minds... Bunch of ...ROTFL

Like you, who can't even spell word "twitter", and can't construct a sentence properly (I know, I too can't do it.).
Oh and, I don't use neither usenet, nor Twitter nor Facebook. Thank you.

what would be softwares without hackers, they never say no to challenge and adobe is not an exception, hackers brings excitment and sometome notoriority to the hacked soft.

i had the full master suite loaded and runing before they had finished the launch in Las

Did I ever mention that I love Megaleecher? Thank you for all of your good work!!!!

That's awesome, but what's the point on having the whole Master Suite on private pcs? Still Good job there crackers.

I have received your email with this offer, used link given, no way can I find how to download this. You say I have no account, got new account, eventhough I did have one, no download links available still. What's up with that?


bad news guys. This release you are talking about is beta release with a crack for a splash screen. Basically making beta look like a final release. And do some research, usenet is still alive and going stronger than ever before. now with 600 days retention on giganews (almost 2 years) who would need anything else. Speeds are limited to your connection... oh its good to have 50mbps internet!!!

do you have any good usenet guide? i only seen a few with some paid news services

is this piece of software is why backdoor and viruses or facultative.
Did you tried on safe environment?

How to download this softwares Man?

been looking hard online everywhere still nothing, would appreciate a little guide in the right direction,again not too much detail,keep it clean love this site for all the info. Just looking for this bad.

Just curious. How can you get away with offering a cracked version so openly?

Thing is, the people out there using a cracked copy would never go out and buy this product anyway would they? Surely Adobe don't actually lose any sales as the sales they would normally get would be coming from reputable companies who can't afford to risk a cracked copy? Therefore who cares if someone is using this in their bedroom when the normal customers are buying???


this is the second time i launched the program and it keeps asking for a new serial number because the previous is invalid. how do i disable adobe from connecting to the internet to eliminate this problem?

it only connects to the net when its launching... so just disconnect for a min when launching any of the adobe apps... my photoshop cs5 works gr8 like this... no troubles till now... :P btw, i need some way other than adobe's site to get the trial version coz i blocked adobe's connections once n cant rollback on it now... so i need an alternate source for this... its totally legitimate to get the trial versions so pls do post the link to any such site u know of... i can take care of the rest afterwards ;)

I 'm interest adobe cs5

"this is the second time i launched the program and it keeps asking for a new serial number because the previous is invalid. how do i disable adobe from connecting to the internet to eliminate this problem?"

Completely agree with you there. I have exactly the same problem. Can anyone help?

Hi I have been using Indesign CS5. I got that error message after I installed the downloaded program from Adobes website and just found a serial number which worked. However next day the CS5 service manger connected to the Adobe server and disabled my program. However I have a patch that will work on all the CS5 programs that I'm using. Photoshop / Illustrator and Indesign. But you still have to find a way to stop that CS5 service manger connecting to the internet. I've tried killing it with Microsofts Process XP but it restarts itself after about 10 seconds. So instead I just disconnect from the internet when I use them.

People probably wouldn't be so likely to make/use a cracked version if the retail versions weren't so damn expensive. Even the 'student/educator' versions are expensive (for a student/teacher's budget)... that's IF you qualify for the discount in the first place. There are a lot of reasons for which they'll deny you... Some don't make sense. It's just so much easier for knowledgeable people to use the pirated version rather than pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for it when newer, better versions come out every couple of years. I personally don't care if people do this. The only people who should pay obscene amounts of money are corporations who will make money off of this software. I can guarantee that most users are amateurs who can't afford to buy the programs, but who eventually want to make a living using them. The problem is -- you can't make a living off of using the program if you can't even afford to buy it at first (and no, 30 days of trial is definitely not enough)!

It's great software, and the reason it's so expensive is specifically because it's considered one of the industry standards... I wonder how much the developers (the people who actually coded/created this software) made off of it...

If we use the pirate version, don't count us as one of your loss because we will never buy the software on the other hand.
We use pirate version mostly to study or some home use. But if we use it on business and make money out of it, we definitely buy a licensed version. On my observation, some big companies really buy expensive softwares because they can afford it. But who are the experts they going to hire to operate those state of the art programs? Of course, the people who spend their time evaluating, practicing on and using the pirate version.

thanks men

I have tried to install this and i install and patch hosts and put activate code on hosts and still comes up saying invalid serial number anyone got any ideas what i am doing wrong

Thanks for the post

For anyone that is getting invalid serial number, check your Antivirus protector isn't allowing internet connection to Adobe. I blocked it and tested it by closing and re-opening and no longer got the message! Hopefully it will stay that way!

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