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AR-15 - A free, semiautomatic rifle that anyone can 3D print at home

3D printers are the next big evolution in printing technology, with now readily available open-source, DIY and consumer 3D printers users can simply print objects like any other document.

Using this new, now readily available technology a team of friends who like to call themselves "Defense Distributed", has now launched the project "Wiki Weapon Project" with aim to design the world’s first 3D printable gun. To get a gun all a user need to do is to download the free sketch file from Internet and 3D print it.

With the current progress a user can get the government regulated and serialized parts 3D printed at home and get other from market to make an firearm. A video introduction to the 3D printable gun is posted below.

Defense Distributed :


Terrorists are going to love this. As if we don't have enough problems You morons must have rocks in your head for suggesting such a thing.

Yeah, because until this technology terrorists had no way to get weapons. Sheesh, it's all over now.

The latest in 3D printing is printable medication using five ink cartridge containing the most common chemicals found in pharmaceuticals.
Your doctor may decide to change your medication and rather than have you go to a pharmacy he simply looks up the medication on a data base and clicks download.
The pills are then printed on his 3D printer.
Another 3D printer could print the plastic jar to put the pills in complete with type written instructions.

Great! Let's make potentially lethal weapons even more readily available to every nutcase in the world.

No, only the government should have access to these prints. The public should listen to every word the government says. They are the bible. If they tell you to jump, you ask how high. The public should listen to all the propaganda, all day and every day and abide by every rule no matter how insane it is. Get rid of your guns..

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