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Buy a Used MacBook Pro: 5 Benefits of Purchasing a Refurbished MacBook Pro

Are you a remote worker or a freelancer? Or, are you bootstrapping a startup? Do you need to upgrade your laptop to cope with the rigorous demands of the modern remote working environment? Have you considered purchasing a refurbished laptop for remote work? What are the benefits of buying a used laptop?

All these questions are valid and deserve a considered response. Therefore, let’s look at the answers to each question.

What it means to buy a used MacBook Pro

Working from home or remotely can be challenging, especially in the current global crisis that has resulted in a worldwide economic pause, and, where the world is trying to figure out what the new normal is.

The good news is that we seem to be on the positive flipside of the pandemic, with many countries slowly opening up, and people are going back to work. However, governments and medical experts are still recommending that people who can work from home, do so. Your company might provide you with a laptop. Even so, there are still merits to purchasing your own laptop. Therefore, let’s consider what it means to buy a used MacBook Pro.

You reduce the negative impact on the environment

Statistics quoted by show that 166 million new laptops were purchased in 2019.

Additionally, the manufacturing of laptops has a negative impact on the environment. Toxic chemicals and heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium are used during manufacturing. The manufacturing process also discharges hazardous waste, poisonous gases, greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, and uses large amounts of water.

Thus, if there is one argument that validates the purchase of a used laptop, it is the fact that refurbishing laptops, including the range of MacBook Pros, reduces the negative environmental impact caused by the manufacture of new laptops. And, you help reduce the levels of eWaste that ends up in the landfill sites.

You save a lot of money

Refurbished laptops cost a lot less than buying a new laptop. It’s vital to note that the definition of refurbished does not translate into second-hand. Refurbished MacBook Pros (and other laptops) have been tested and certified to function as a new laptop. Many refurbished or certified used laptops have been serviced and checked for any defects before certified for resale.

Therefore, they are a lot cheaper than new laptops. For example, you can find used MacBook deals for under $100.

Consequently, if you require a cheap MacBook Pro, it is a good idea to consider buying a refurbished laptop.

A pre-owned laptop functions just like a new laptop

A certified refurbished MacBook Pro is guaranteed to function just like a new laptop, except that you will not be the laptop’s first owner. This will not be a problem if you buy a laptop from a company like Not only are they a professional MacBook Pro refurbishing agency, but they have certified IT professionals who are qualified to check and rebuild laptops should it be required.

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