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5 tips for starting your own website: from SSL Certs to memorable domain names

The reason why a website is created varies. It can be for personal reasons or it can also be for profitable reasons. Whatever it may be, the bottom line is: it is an important tool that will help you achieve the goals that you have set before you decided to create one. Here are top 5 tips for starting up your own website. Observe these tips and you can surely take advantage of what it can bring.

from SSL Certs to memorable domain names

First: Identify your goal

What do you want to achieve in the end? Or what is your reason for creating a website? Why do want a website? Be very clear with the reasons why you want it because that reasons will be the one to guide you all throughout your journey. Doing business today requires a good website because it is their where impressions about your company are generated. Thus, there is a need for you to make your website very well. Do you plan to use your website to give an overview about your company and the products that you are offering or you want to use that page to sell? Identify your goal because all the rest will follow.

Second: Choose a good domain name

How are you going to name your website? This is what customers will type on the address bar. Brainstorm about words that you want to represent your company. Do not make the name complicated so that it will easily be remembered. You can choose to have the name of your company as your domain name. But you have unlimited options to choose from, you can opt not to use it if you want to and find another else. Use relevant domain name so that it will ring a bell to your customers. In a business, having a good name will make you on top of the other because customers can have it in their memory easily.

Third: Create a good web design

You can do it yourself if you want to save. But be sure that you have knowledge on doing it so that the results won't be sacrificed. This is one of the most important tips of the top 5 tips for starting up your own website. If you want to get a better website, then try to hire services of a web designer so that it can be done professionally. Do not think twice in spending if you can get more than what you paid. Besides, expenses will always be part of the business. So what if you are paying for it? For as long as you are getting more, then it is okay. Make sure you get it coded to support https secure connections, this will be needed when using SSL certificates on your website.

Fourth: Look for a good web hosting service

Follow the top 5 tips for starting up your own website and you can expect positive outcome. You should see to it that you land yourself on a good host because this will determine the visibility and accessibility that you can enjoy online. Creating a good website will be useless if you won't find yourself a good host to maintain your online presence. In choosing a web host, be sure that they can provide you good customer support so that whenever a problem will be encountered, for example when you need to setup SSL security on your website. Remember that selecting a wrong web-host can affect you greatly. No time should be wasted because for every second that passed, the competitor might get ahead of you.

Fifth: Manage your site

Everything does not stop the moment your website have gone live. You have to make continuous maintenance so that it won't become outdated easily. You have to update it every now and then so that clients won't think that it is no longer active. The more you give updates, the more that you can gather the trust of potential clients. The first thing that web visitors will look into is when the latest update was made.

After these initial steps one must continue to look for ways to make their website better like market it, secure it and improve users trust by utilizing SSL certificates from reputed trusted provider like Thawte – SSL’s certificates are now also a ranking signal under latest Google official guidelines for better ranking in search-engine.

You can get a lot of benefits when you go online but the magnitude of the effects depends upon how you do it. Do it right so that the benefits that you can get will be maximized. Do not miss any single opportunity online.


It is also important to choose a fast and reliable hosting.

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