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How to Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay

Google is encouraging people to use Google Pay through its Diwali promotion.

Becoming A Better Gamer: 5 Tips That Actually Work

Long gone are the days when playing online games was just for fun. With the increasing popularity of online gaming competition, skilled players have a high-paying career as gamers.

How to Survive Wipe Day as a Solo - RUST New Player Guides

RUST New Player Guides

You may start with nothing but magnificent minor fortifications in Rust. It's an event as a solitary player exits preferably to avoid groups at all costs when online survival ends the game. Rust's environment is filled with dangerous creatures and lethal traps. Surviving this game is difficult, but the satisfaction of doing so.

8 Easy Steps To A Winning Venn Diagram Maker Strategy

Anti-Spam Honeypot, The Best Way to Fight Spambots?

A lot has happened in the world since we first heard the term CAPTCHA back in 2003. Indeed, websites no longer face the same enemies they did back then. AI got better, stronger, and more intelligent. Thus, the challenge just got harder and more complex.

In this scenario, trapped in the crossfire between AI-fueled hackers and spammers and companies are end-users. How can you seal your website against spam and malicious attempts while retaining high conversion rates and customer satisfaction?

The solution is here and is called “The Honeypot Strategy”. So, read on, apply it to your website and make the most out of your online presence.

Is CAPTCHA The Best Solution to Keep Bots Away?

CAPTCHA is an acronym standing for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. The basic idea behind this term is to make a Turing test that can be easy for humans and ideally impossible for bots or AI.

This way, by asking a user to take a simple step before granting their way in, bots and spam were kept out of sites. The first CAPTCHAs were, indeed, fairly simple to solve, you had to input the text from a distorted image in the text box next to it.

The situation changed around 2010; AI became stronger and bots started learning to bypass CAPTCHAs. Thus, sites started making CAPTCHAs stronger. This meant they became more complex as well. As a result, users had to use more of their time to fulfill simple tasks online.

Take Best Business Pictures With Just Your Phone

Source: by Jan Böke

Before the rise of smartphones, taking a picture may be a difficult task especially to those with businesses. You'd have to get an expensive camera and editing software for your desktop computer, as well as devote a significant amount of time and effort to learn how to use them. Thanks to our smartphones, we now can capture high-quality images and edit them effortlessly. There are a few additional tools and accessories that substantially enhance your images. Here's how to take and produce stunning pictures like a professional with only your phone for your business. 

Get a good lighting for your shot
First and foremost, good lighting plays the biggest role in producing the best pictures. Due to their small sensors, only a few smartphones can generate outstanding indoor images. Hence, for the best effects, shoot images outside in the ideal lighting circumstances. Lighting affects not only the luminance of a photograph, but also the mood, tone, and atmosphere. 

When shooting outside, choose a time of day when the light is mellow, such as early morning or evening. This creates a soft, even light with pleasing tones. If you must photograph in direct sunlight, attempt to do so in the shade or angling your subject with the sun in your shot. 

How Apps Bring US Sports Fans Closer to the Action

Mobile apps are a craze that seem set to stick around for a while yet, as more and more appear in app stores across the web, and all of them purporting to make people’s lives easier or more comfortable.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of sport, where app developers have been working tirelessly to create apps that can bring US sports fans and even players closer to the athletic pursuits they love.

Poker apps are now available in India

Poker online is gaining much popularity in India, not only it is a source of entertainment but also a source of income. There are several online poker games in India.

Best Xbox: Series X Exclusive Games To Play Right Now

When it comes to the world of gaming, be it as a hobby or professionally, the debate will always be the same, which console is best to play with? If there’s something we can all agree on it’s that picking a leading console when it comes to video gaming can be a very hard task at hand.

If we take out PC gaming and portable devices, we’re left with two main competitors that usually take the cake amongst the preferences of gamers far and near, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. With the two having new consoles rocking the gaming scene in 2021, and both having a slew of games exclusively for their consoles, we look at what Microsoft’s Xbox: Series X has to offer its fans.

Your Guide to Cybersecurity Strategy

A proper cybersecurity strategy is a must for businesses, but a regular person should not discard its importance either. Whether you are using a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, there are quite a few potential threats on the internet that could expose personal information, worsen device performance, or wipe data, to name a few.

Avoiding these and other threats is manageable so long as you are smart about using the devices properly while online. Let's take a look at some key aspects of how a good cybersecurity strategy should look like. And remember that you need to incorporate as many ideas as you can for that extra bit of safety.

Purchase a VPN

A virtual private network costs only a few dollars a month, and you can get an even better deal by ordering a yearly plan.

VPNs excel when you have to use the public internet. While your home network should be safe enough, the same cannot be said about Wi-Fi at hotels, bars, libraries, and other public establishments.

Of course, if you want, you can also use virtual private networks when you are at home. They still provide an extra security layer, and if you already have a service you subscribe to, it only makes sense to make the most out of it, right?

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