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Alternative Online Payment Solutions to PayPal

Paypal Big
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The most popular online payment solution for sending and receiving payments is PayPal and, over the years, it has become the de facto online payment solution for merchants, customers and freelancers. Though a good number of people use PayPal for payment transactions, modern technology has enabled many people to invest in developing new payment technologies and pose a challenge to PayPal by offering low fees with secured and fast transactions.

A New PDF Freeware Utility Creates PDF in Batch

Batch Word to PDF converter is a freeware conversion utility tool that allows conversion of Word to PDF format on the go. In addition to converting MS WORD files, the software supports a range of other formats including Excel (XLS, CSV, ODF, ODS), Rich text (RTF), PowerPoint (PPT, ODF, ODP, PPTX), Plain text (TXT) to PDF as well.


The tool comes equipped with an amazing feature called batch conversion. Unlike other PDF converting tools, users no more need the PDF virtual printer to convert files to PDF one by one. Batch Word to PDF converter allows the conversion of more than one file easily. Users only need to select all the files that are to be converted and click on Start Now. This way, the tool will convert all the Word files into PDF in a batch.

Additionally, users can also choose to merge all the selected files in a single PDF as per their requirements. These two features make Batch Word to PDF converter standout in the market.

Dealing With Common Mobile Annoyances

As much as we love our mobile devices, there is no denying that there can be some major pains when it comes to day-to-day operations. Given how much reliance we have on these little things for such important parts of our daily lives, it’s only natural that these little pains can build and feel like major annoyances. Having dealt with more than our share, both on our own devices and as the designated family tech support, we’ve decided to take a look at the most common problems which we see, in an attempt to make the overall experience a little better for everyone.

Little Things Which Drive Us Mad

It's the little things in life which can make us the happiest. Similarly, it can be the little things in life which drive us to the brink of madness. As much as we love computers, which is an almost unreasonable amount, there can be no denying that are an enormous amount of niggling irritations which combine to pit themselves against our blood-pressure. If we had to type out all the things that get to us, we might be here a literal month, so let's confine this list to only the most recent of recent irritations.

Trading Bots will Lend Stability to the Cryptocurrency Market

Trading Bots

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, similar to stock trading, is a mode of earning income from the financial markets. However, many bitcoin traders continue to view bitcoin trading as a side business rather than their main vocation. This may be largely due to the fact that bitcoin exchanges are not yet ready for the big time. Crypto-enthusiasts hope that the big and bulge-bracket financial firms will soon buy and sell bitcoin like any other asset such as stocks, bonds, gold, or currency. However, such trading would entail large volumes, scale, and scrutiny that crypto asset exchanges are not equipped to handle today. Many cryptocurrency exchanges are coming under strain due to home-grown technologies and they face costly technology upgrades or an ugly meltdown. Market shifts happen so fast that you could end up losing money if you don’t act fast. The explosion of trading bots has to be viewed against this background.

4 Types of Firewall Every Tech Savvy Person Needs To Be Aware Of

There are four dominant types of firewall that every tech-savvy person should know to protect their internet security. Essentially a type of filter which ensures data between two networks is the type the user wants to allow, the firewall has continued to develop over the years. As technology has advanced so has the firewall. Importantly, each type addresses different kinds of operating environment based on similar principles.

How To Install Electra iOS 11.2 - 11.3.1 Jailbreak/Cydia Without Any Computer Directly From iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

PDF to Word Converter App - Find Out What's New

PDF To Word Converter

In one of my previous articles, I have shown you how to extract data from PDF documents using your mobile phone. There I introduced you to PDF to Word Converter app, made by Cometdocs, company that is veteran in creating PDF solutions and improving our document management. Also, they are one of the first companies that developed PDF converters in form of mobile apps, for both Android and iOS operating systems.

The first version of the app was released way back in 2014, and since then it has established itself as a must-have app for mobile PDF utilities.

Two Canadians Among Forbes' 2017 Most Influential Gamers List

Forbes is famous for its lists that rank the rich and the famous according to their wealth, power and influence. In 2017, they also decided it was time to extend their lists to one of the most important online niche markets and included gamers on the list.

Evan Fong and Sonja Reid Make It to the Top 10

The 2017 Top Influencers in Gaming features the usual suspects like Mari Takahashi, DanTDM, Markiplier and SSSniperWolf. And not surprisingly, two Canadians made it to the list, occupying the third and fourth places: Evan Fong and Sonja Reid. Both of those amazing gamers belong to the squad that has developed around Markiplier, known outside of the virtual world as Mark Fischbach, who is a Hawaii-born gamer of extensive influence.

Evan Fong has managed to claim the third spot, for his YouTube channel that features him playing his favorite games, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Fong, or VanossGaming as is his YouTube alias, is very popular thanks to his laidback style, as he often plays with friends, chats, or makes humorous comments with his online audience. He even dropped out of UPenn to devote all of his time to his gaming pursuits, so you know that great things are in store for him.

Online Slot Games Software Giant Microgaming Experiments with VR and AR Technology

To anyone who is familiar with the world of online casinos and slot games, Microgaming is a very familiar name. Now the company seems to have turned over a new leaf, as it has begun experimenting with augmented reality and virtual reality applications for its games.

Award-Winning VR Roulette

Virtual reality and augmented reality provide opportunities for increased revenue for those companies both bold enough and capable of harnessing their potential. And of course, they offer an unparalleled experience to consumers. In 2016, VR amounted to a $2.1 billion market, while AR reached just $200 million. But the trend seems upward, and it is projected that, by 2021, revenue from VR tech will reach a little under $50 billion and AR profit will rise to almost $20 billion.

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