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[Video] Super Awesome "What You Click Is What You Wear" Augmented App For Virtual Shopping

Games and online shopping would be the two niche's which gets to benefit the most from augmented reality, there have been many applications, games and utilities which lets us enjoy "virtual reality" today but this new "What You Click Is What You Wear" technology simply blasts everything else away to the dustbin.


What a horrible waste of time and money, what in the name of all that's holy is the point of this, just go and buy a real watch. If it was the watch that was 'supposed' to be projecting the tablet device, that may be interesting, but this is stupid.

A). This is just a technology demonstration.
b). The demo shows how users can use this technology to try things out before buying online.

No I don't think I did, this concept is just a waste of time, a) it's not possible and?b) why would anybody want to do this.

A). It's already been done and presented at TED Live to users for trying.
B). They have already done it, and users (including big tech journals) loved it.

A) & B)Are you telling me that someone has developed and produced a tablet/phone that can project an holographic image, exactly where it is needed (wrist, torso, head, etc.)? Because if you think/believe that then you have been watching too much Star Trek.


No I am not watching more Star Trek, but you are missing some well known and publicly available information and the facts associated.

Source :

"What you click is what you wear
An augmented online shopping mall.
Designed and developed by Jinha Lee (MIT Media Lab), in collaboration with Daewung Kim. "

Read the last line, its already been developed.

Source :

"Developed by MIT Media Lab alum Jinha Lee alongside Daewung Kim, the app debuted at Los Angeles’ recent five-day TED conference. With the simple touch of a button, a watch suddenly appears wrapped around your wrist. Sounds too good to be true, right? Just check out the video below."

It's presented to the world via a LIVE demo at prestigious TED conference and people and media loved it :)


You can rearange your whole livingroom and place in every room a tv and media extender in one. If it than has good ears with 3D Sound (little speakers in de speaker in front above behind and below and a subwoofing vibration bringer, that can be very intertaining.

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