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Download Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Movie Before Release !

Shocked, similar headings are being used by malware authors to cash-on the upcoming release of much anticipated Harry Potter movie - "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince", cyber-criminals are already started to do mass-level Search-Engine-Optimizations targeting Harry Potter fans hiding their malicious payloads inside fake downloads offering full-length pre-release version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

The mass-level link-spam lures unsuspecting users to click on the link which leads them to another website asking to install their streaming-codec to watch pre-release leaked version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince online for free which in-fact is a malware, once the movie is released similar phenomenon is expected on torrent portals and file-hosters like Rapidshare, Megaupload and Mediashare getting flooded with fake DVD-Rips of the movie to cash on the Harry Potter craze.


i feel bad for the stupid teenagers that will do this. urgh. :/

its nice to watch this movie

This kind of cheaters should be shot in the forehead !!!

it's a nice movie

thank you

fuck your bitch

thanks very much

pls give me crack file fr download the harry potter & half Blood Prince

i would also like to download it now

where the link to DL????

Where the link. Your site is only say not work.

harry potter is pedophile porn

f*** you b***h who says harry potters p0rn your opinion is bullshit

how can i dowmload this film

This article is to inform YOU that there IS NO LINK and to BEWARE of the Malware!!!! For F*&K Sakes..Pay Attention!!

hello, I´m from slovakia:)This is very gut and nice movie:).....else, I don´t speak gut at English:D

thats nice

All those people except one seems to be new to English ;)

I'm really confused :S


where is the link are you making us fool

thank you very match


Send me film shadow260@seznam.ct thx :-)

who is the download link ?

who is the download link ?

please give me the link to dL harry potter and half blood prince

from where i can download HBP?

may i download this movie pleas many thanks

where i get a link to download the movie???

Anyone here help me? where i can make download of the movie? i dont see nothing to make download... plz help me

hi, thanks , i love u

where to download harry potter 6 movie if its released

or... have you got any better suggestions

hartstikke bedankt

mag ik de download link a.u.b? het is voor me zusje kan ze die onderweg kijken op vakantie ;)


thanks! prefect!


hahaha can't stop laughing. THERE IS NO RELEASE OF THIS MOVIE YET. So asking for a link makes you more stupid than you are.

Please send me the link to download this movie

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee !!

send me this film on

these people are becoming crazy :D
So, to be clear, the movie is not out yet
If you find somewhere people saying "we have the movie", they are lying, they will send you virus.
This is about security not the movie...

Plz Send me link In my mail account

My mail Account Is


How to download harry potter and the half blood prince

Please send me a link

If u want dat badly, why don't u wait 4 next week, i guarantee there will b download link by friday.

How dumb you people are... DOWNLOADING is FKED up and WRONG. go to the theaters and watch the damn thing... why do you think other movies are starting to suck? NO MONEY!!! GO PAY FOR IT.

these commenters are hilarious. can't they read? whether or not they are virus infected, this page is designed to DISCOURAGE illegal downloads. Warner Bros is keeping this very safe. Most movies would by leaked this short a time before release. ONLY 4 DAYS IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!! YAY!!!

fr all u none english people
this film no released yet you no downlod cos it not yet ready stop aksy cus it isnt here was that plain enuff you dumb fucks lol

Please send me the link to download this movie


send me the link also on

can someone send me the link to the movie

Please send me the link to download this movie

THX, THX, THX.....

Please send me the link to download this movie


cant u wait till later this week? im pretty sure that there will be a copy of the movie on frostwire/limewire. im going to the theater tomorrow to see it tho... ill probably download the copy too....

Please send me the link to download this movie please


i've downloaded it, and watched it, thanks, harry potter 6 is really a very good movie, thanks for the link...

if u have watch it please give the link to me

it's funny that so many people want to watch the new harry potter movie. and half of them are 'not gud @ Eenglish'. If you wanna see the movie so bad, GO SEE IT IN A MOVIE THEATRE!!! or better yet, WAIT TIL IT'S ON DVD, WHEN PEOPLE PUT IT ON THE INTERNET!!! thanks for reading. P.S. it's a good movie, but a little different from the book.


why are u asking for download link wait till saturday u will get it but not here so plz f*k off

Please send me the link to download this movie


thanks for the movie. i like it :)

i hav a problm how can i watch this movie

Please send me the link to download this movie

The stupidity of some people is mind boggling

I saw HBP the other day. a massive fan, but because I love the series I PAID TO SEE IT LIKE ALL YOU IDIOTS SHOULD DO! Your so stupid to think that there is a link to download it, as if, its a virus peeple! WHY THE HELL are u givin out ur emails!? your asking for it, seriously. BUT my dad has a friend who can get pirated copies of just about anything so i will wait for that HAHA! good luck suckers. ;)

Please send me the link to download this movie harry potter 6 please

The stupidity of some

Please send me the link to download this movie:
I beg you!!!! please,please,please

Hi, Thanks, please give me link to download it

Didn't know that there were so many IDIOTS in the world. This site has clearly stated that there is no DL link and yet the comments keep rolling in. I wish I could Youtube you stupid Moth&*F*&Kers.

ive read through the entire list of posts and this is great commedy.

thanks man.

thanks man.

please send me.I'm from Mongolia

i need help to download this movie today for free

please send me.I'm from Indonesia

LOL. it is hilarious to read all the comments

Who have pasword for film harry potter and the blood prince...???

Please Send Me The link on
i really need to download it

I didnt know that ppl are able to download it this way :D

i didnt found dl link where is it????

thank you

i cant findwhere to download this movie this site makes me sad

can somebody pls help me, i wanna download this movie, but i cant find how 2 download it ......

if you want to chan than contact me ok freinds

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks For U

i want to download this film please

this movie is wonderful because from this movie harry understands why lord voldemort became lord of the evils

plz download this movie

harry potter

i don't find any link on this site. are u making us a fool.

harry potter 6 classic

have you still got a link for this movie, i can not find it anywhere for megaupload. i can't watch the latest 1 until i watch this 1. thanx man



please send me the movie on my email

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