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Bypass YouTube Country Restrictions And Watch Videos In Any Country

Earlier we have posted trick on How to watch videos deleted by YouTube, here is another simple hack to watch videos not available for your country bypassing YouTube's geographical restrictions, many videos on YouTube are not available for all countries and users from non-allowed countries are shown the message "This video is not available in your country" on accessing these videos.

Bypass YouTube Restrictions

However, YouTube can be easily tricked into displaying the videos in all countries by altering the URL a bit, for example instead of the regular url -, access (here UNIQUEVIDEOID is a unique 11 character video id code of the particular video).

Try watching this US specific video using the regular URL -, now try this altered URL -


doesn't work now. it shows that the video is no longer available :(

they are not dumb at youtube... If thousands of blogs post that "hack" it is easy for them to find it and fix it...

doesn't work.

It doesn't work. it shows that the video is no longer available

It works but it doesnt support the greasemonkey download button in youtube.....

Thanks for the tip

why dont u try realplayer? it got download button when u install it.i use it all da time

No, it really isn't orking anymore? why the **** would i not be able to watch german band Tokio Hotel from Romania??? This world is goint to hell...

I'd say, because they are really crap and Germans are ashamed that somebody sees them abroad. ;)

I'am from germany and must say they're really total shit^^


Yeah, fuckem all. Youtube sucks, I hope they all choke in their own vomit one day! And this should help who? The artists? Watch me download their entire discography.

It does show the "unstarted" state (title/preview) but when I try click the play button it still says it's not available in my country

Isnt there anyway we can bypass the fukn geographic block! trying to sell everything, google!!!

I TOTALLY AGREE! The restrictive geographical blocking by Yahoo and Google searches (et alii) is SO WRONG! Talk abut "Nazi Administrators"...they are a PRIME EXAMPLE of internet nazi bloc-heads!


I have been trying to watch some videos on YouTube. I added them to my "Watch Later" list and they still have the thumbnails. When I try to play it says I can't play due to copyright restrictions. I'm not sure what's going on because normally YouTube just takes these down. I really want to see these; I have a good VPN. Can you help?

And I thought Stalin was a dumbass...

i can't belive this is happening; i am from Romania, and here many videos are unaveilable because of this geographic restrictions...By doing this, they are encoureging piratery, because we all know, there are other websites out there, not so legal like youtube:))
So, instead of watching them on youtube, where they can put a fvcking ad at the bottem of the video to make theit fvcking money, we will turn the the websites i was talking about...
I think this is a bad choise for youtube, it is driving everynone nutts!!!
And now, if you want to download from youtube, just check your browser's cache folder, there the video that you r watching is being saved:)), just copy paste from there...i tell you this just to get even with youtube >:)
sory for my bad english

you tube is rascist!!!

I can't believed I was denied watching a music video for an ENGLISH band in ENGLAND
That's what I call theft

Currently,that little trick doesn't play the title you loaded,it just stops. (at least under Linux's flash plugin)

BUT,the search box that pops up after that - that is fully operational. You can search for the title of the music video you wanted,click on the picture of the most likely subject and it will play regardless of country.

Who'd have thought that flash's closed nature would be good for something :-)?

thanks man for that hint! Is working! ..a little fussily but working!

the pop up search bar that comes up will search for videos, but it seems the videos it displays are the only ones that will play in you region, i.e the video you wanted in the 1st place dusnt seem to show up, but it will display a different version that will play in your region, seems to be whats happening with mine in the uk

search for the exact name of the video and when the thumbnails pops click it. All works.

Thank you!

You Genius!!!!

Use yahoo instead.

the search works!


the /v/ trick worked...and my friend can get the video up...but when he presses says..."embedding disabled by request" what does THAT mean and can we get around that.

WHY can't we all just watch the same matter what country? Seems so silly to me.

Thanx for any and all help and information.


The cleared link up there as an example is romoved and u can't watch it even with the trick!

It's a good tip but it doesn't let me even look at the url that I need to modify.

This trick doesn't work anymore. Please update it.

Internet is INTERNATIONAL, so who in the hell gave these fuckhats permission to restrict content based on location??? If you don't want people in Europe for example seeing your shit, DON'T FUCKING POST IT ON INTERNET!!! Better yet, keep that shit locked up on your own HD so no one won't see it even accidentally. Now let the rest of us use the web as it's supposed to be used, nazi retards.

Hell yeah!
youtube retards!

fuckyoutube, it can not be watched what i've seen on tv before 2 minutes ago, fuckfuckfuck...
argh, that makes the anger what makes warez...
warez makes angry the fuckin nazi authors who censoring

IM anoyed too
Well i was gonna play this music quiz has 15 levels and i have to pay attention to whats going on in the music clip and at the end i get 3 anwsers and i have to hit the right one and i hit the right one and im waiting and waiting for 30 minutes
IT MADE ME WANNA KILL THE COMPUTER but then i rememebered that when i once did that i had to take it repaired so i just yelled at it XD

why most of you being so a********, end of the day, youtube is just a medium and if the owner of videos do not want their videos to be shown without youtube paying them money, why do you expect youtube to show you stuff for free. get your heads out of your bums and stop shouting in caps, it only makes you look even more dumb.

Why most of you being so a--holes? Try, "Why are most of you being a--holes" and then maybe you can call people dumb without looking dumb yourself. Also, did you search for "Youtube country block bypass" just so you could harass people? Because not being able to watch a video when people in other countries can watch it is unfair and has nothing to do with people expecting free videos. You're the one who looks foolish, shouting at us for no good reason, even if you're not doing it in caps.

^ I'm trying to watch part 9 of a documentary, I can view all the other parts. Sense, this makes none.

i used the /v/ trick and the video loaded but when i tried to play it, i got the not available message.

Hey, were almost chinese now. next thing is they'll beat down your door and harvest your organs for trying to look at the wrong youtube video and google will get 20% of you organ harvest sales...

Ever notice How many useless vid hosters have nothing but junk on them to watch?
They get shut down and then try to be cool. Does anyone think of napster anymore?
I think the biggest deal about downloading is that you have the ability to know if an album sucks before you buy it. The producers have gotten away with pawning garbage on fans but not anymore. People want HQ versions of their fav tunes not 198 bps edited walmart copies. Producers dropped the ball on making legacy collectable media available. People who love the music want more, they want the artwork and the lyrics...Nice beautiful media... something tangible not just a cheap plastic disc or a half quality download.

The Youtube regional thing, It has alot to do with how rights are traded.
They trade them in bundles of rights...millions of titles traded in bundles on a regeonal distribution contract. The buyer pays for the rights to distribute unlimited copies of bundles of title in a specific market.

When I was researching sat Internet and trying to set up my own ISP to compete with cable using waveriders' technology I couldn't purchase commercial service with some companies outside the US because the US isp's have Taps and sniffers and the foreign services do not or are not easily accessible to our CIA and FBI.

I was only allowed to purchase service strictly through Direct and HughesNet(GM).
I was also restricted to purchasing home service and not allowed commercial bandwidth.
Waveider technology provides connectivity up to 8 miles line of sight and 3 miles non line of sight using unlicensed frequencies. You would not need a license to operate a wireless ISP with their technology.

There was a Japanese company and an Israeli company I wanted to buy bandwidth from. It was the laws and international treaty that prevented me from starting my ISP.
Every ISP requires a credit card to setup service. I was going to operate on a cash or credit basis because there are thousands of illegals in my neighborhood who have no ID's or credit cards.
I would have been using a customer iD number instead of personal information for each customer.
Don't forget about Daniel Perl who went to Iraq to setup his own internet and cellphone network. US interest's told him he wasn't welcome and asked him to to leave and he refused. He had a fair repertoire with the Muslims. He was arrested, rumor was that he was held at abugirab near where he disappeared and handed over to the terrorists to protect an exclusive communications market.

Can anyone give a way to be able watch\download this video above? I tried all the tricks that I found in web and they don't work at all.

1. Google translate engine, doesn't work!
2. /v/uniqueCode doesn't work! (Display player+screen well, but when press play it show - embed disabled by request! The trick dead!)
3. Proxy server, didn't work either. Don't even know which country it naturally allow to watch that video, lol (after tried a lot of US, UK, EU, etc...).

How can i watch the movie on that video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment?

go to and paste the youtube link on there

Thanks, for me this is the only solution that worked.

The copyright fags are stupid. I can watch one music video from a band, but I can't watch the others? It makes no sense the way they block content to certain countries and it proves that they're just flinging their cocks around in our faces because they can get YouTube to cater to their every whim.

Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks is NOT blocked in the US but all of their other music videos (Vevo) are blocked in the US. It's bullshit because I should be able to watch all of their music videos if I can watch at least one.

F--k Corporate America.

To all of you complaining about this not working, and just talking shit, try something different. Study!!! Pick up a book, or download an educational e-book and learn web programming and scripting. Then you'll realize it's not that easy. The administrators of this site and other similar sites bust their asses to try and keep the internet use and information as free as possible, so we should all be a little more appreciative of this. Because in the next couple of years, not only will we pay for online access, but for content access as well. Just as people pay for cable TV packages, the same will be applied towards the internet, as well as e-mailing. Oh and by the way the YouTube bypass works just fine.

The problem isn't Youtube, it's the music industry, which has various rights/ restrictions throughout the world. So this is the reason why some content is blocked and other isn't. Here in Germany Google didn't want to pay enough money to the GEMA and so they had to remove/ restrict the videos.

So it you going to blame anyone on this, blame the music industry.

The best solution for this restriction is to use a world wide proxy
you just have to enter the website address and the country where you want youtube to think youre coming
from( united states) and you can watch all clips without any restrictions. I use and I can watch and download all videos with the help of download helper on firefox.

thanks everyone for sharing your ideas

It did not work for me, the page was just blank

Well, good work, music companies. You've just pissed me off for the last time. I *never* intend to buy music from you ever again. Yes, that's what you just achieved.
If you would have just let me watch the damn video with the song, I might have bought it if I liked it. Now? Fü** you.

Not working anymore :{

Doesn't work, you can get onto the video but when you press play "not available in your country"

Worked like a charm.

and then googled its title and got cached version as

Can someone help with this, what is the content being play, I cannot see in the UK?? = The Sweetest Taboo by Sade

this is an old hat trick and doesnt work anymore. nowadays you ahve to use proxies or some robot type site like

You don't need any trick. What you need to do is go through a proxy server that's located in a country that a video is allowed to be played in. Here's a good list:

Well, I guess that's not such a good list since most of the servers in that list are located in the US.

Works for me! :D Sony Entertainment can suck my balls! :D

the video was removed... can someone please update the post cause i really want to watch some videos from Uk

too bad it's not youtube's fault that the copyrights are shit, google bought youtube. after they bought youtube, the sites been shittier, and shittier. if anyone wants to be pissed, get pissed at that fuckin cock sucking search engine company that turned a great place into a shit hole.

Nice bypass you have there, I think I'll have that as an alternative to in bypassing restrictions on Youtube, though I'm curious as to does it also bypasses the 18+ restriction like TubeMirror does? Would be good if it does!


I love how youtube can fix this so quickly but everything else just goes to shit, the whole region restriction deal is such a flat out dumb idea.

Im just so happy it works!
Thanks man.

At least they should not show the (not available in your country) videos in youtube(or even google's)search results
It doesn't even show anymore in chrome's new tab title -youtube broadcast yourself-. Which was a hint that the video is not available.. so you could just close x the tab.
Xtra stress.. -enforcing devil's evil-> (Bob M's quote)
.. muahaha

Doesn't work. Still shows "This video is not available in your country.".

You need to change your IP address in order to bypass YouTube's country restriction. You can do that via proxy server software such as TOR or via the many proxy web surfing sites out there.

you should try out UnoDNS which is DNS based. I swear it is better than any VPN you have tried because it is NOT a VPN.

You can use & to watch the videos that are blocked in your country or domain.

It really depends on the server speed and ping of these proxy sites I've found that all above sites have excellent buffering.

Although youtube are restricted in many countries, youtube unblocker adds a link to play the blocked videos which opens in a new tab via a proxy site.

want to open you tube from other contry

I just ripped a vid that was blocked in my country via ClipConverter, using the /v/ method. Thanks!

amazing trick.. I just used and it worked. Thanks for great info about watching blocked videos on youtube. I became your regular reader now.
This Above URL I have Change In but after that i have seen same massage "the Uploader has not made this video in your country"

I'm from Indonesia, and it WORKS 100%

I never need some software this, but will ask you a question. How long you been using this software for restriction towards others countries...

Paul Savola

I just wanted to listen to my Japanese music but it won't let me anymore because I'm not in the right country

Apparently this hack doesn't function with the SME block.
It enables the video I'm attempting to view to load but when I click the 'play' button I still get "This video contains content from SME who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds".

It's a harmless fan video, this is just SME walking around with a giant stick up their asses!

Cool way, tried. It looks like the browser leech method is easier. I am attaching the link to the page.

You can use private proxies it works for me.

Sincerely, this hack has expired. The German GEMMA are not idiots and quality artists are not benefitting from any of this. My artist friends, who shall remain nameless, have gone from sustenance to complete poverty due to these laws. My best friend was a roadie who was able to live well as a travelling performer until this dubious crap started happening, but artists have no lobby or ombudsman. He cannot publish any works on YouTube without facing immediate consequences from reprehensible snoopy people and paid stool pigeons smelling available funds. He literally has to stage free concerts at person loss as to not end up in the legal clutches of the GEMMA and some cooked up court order. GEMMA was designed as hidden taxation only benefitting the government and it's restrictive institutions. Money from the GEMMA flows sooner into dipshit projects like DSDSS or funding UEFA cup, or to fund objectionable stuff like a centralized transmission headquarters that implements heavy media monitoring, to even further control the consumption habits of its citizenry.

Muy buen artículo, me ha encantado.

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