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EASEUS Disk Copy - Fast, Easy And Free Disk Cloning Utility

EASEUS Disk Copy is one of the best disk cloning utility out there, the free platform independent bootable CD allows sector-by-sector disk/partition copying, via an easy to use wizard driven friendly graphical user interface, EASEUS Disk Copy can be used to copy, clone, or upgrade your original small hard drive to a new larger drive.

Easeus Disk Copy
Free Hard-Disk Cloner

EASEUS Disk Copy allows users to create EXACT disk and partition clones with fast speed regardless of operating system and file systems, the utility supports IDE, SATA-I, SATA-II, SCSI, Firewire(IEEE1394) and USB drives.

EASEUS Disk Copy Salient Features:

  1. Fast & Easy Disk and partition cloning.
  2. Operating System and File-system independent.
  3. Supports IDE, SATA-I, SATA-II, SCSI, Firewire(IEEE1394) and USB drives
  4. Supports Dynamic Disk
  5. Supports inaccessible disk copy
  6. Friendly graphical user interface
  7. Relay disk space for insufficient destination

With all these features EASEUS Disk Copy is definitely one of the best free disk-cloning utility, even better then many commercial solutions in terms of better performance and ease of use.

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