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Download Google Chrome 3.0

Google ChromeYes, that's right just days after final version of Google Chrome 2.0 got released the Chrome team is ready with development release of Google Chrome 3.0, the latest development build is now available for public download via Chrome dev-update channel, the most notable change in new build is support for HTML5 VIDEO tag.

Google Chrome 3.0

Highlights for this release:

* Google Chrome now supports the video tag.
* --auto-spell-correct flag will fix common typos like "teh" for "the" in the blink of an eye.
* Various bits of UI clean-up (toolbar and dangerous download bar paint issues).
* Multiple crash fixes.

Download Google Chrome 3.0 Latest Dev-Build :

Download Here >>


Listen up!

I am on 4.0 now! Of Google Chrome that is!


i love googel

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