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How to Watch and Download Youtube Videos In High-Definition Quality

YouTubeYoutube now supports videos in High-Definition quality, watching videos in HD requires users to click a link and reload the full-page for HD version of the video, but if you want to enjoy videos on Youtube at the highest quality available by default with an option to download both MP4 and HD versions of the video, here are two Firefox extensions to make things fully automatic.

First Extension Will Make Youtube Load HD Quality Version Without Reloading The Page

Watch Youtube HD Video

Second Extension Will Add Links For Downloading Videos In MP4 and HD Quality

Download YouTube Videos

All you have to do is to click the links below and install the Firefox extensions and restart the browser, next time you visit Youtube videos will load in highest possible quality and will have links to download videos easily.

Download Firefox Extension :



Nice extensions, I am on a 10 MBPs dedicated line, I can now make gooduse of it downloading HD quality videos from Youtube.

MELLB: hackers are currently attacking via Firefox add-ons, so I am reluctant to try it.

I had created this addon myself and I guess having a reputed tech blog with 28000+ registered users and 26000+ RSS subscriber, this can be trusted.

this sounds good to me, and I trust the admin here. =]

thanks for this, it actually works!!!!

As I said before, although I was not logged in, I trust the admin here. I have been using it since it was posted, and it does wonders. Finally someone gives us a very useful Firefox addon for youtube. =]

thanks a bunch!

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hey can some one help ?
every time i click 'Download as 720p HD MP4 '
a blank page appears. and if i (right-click and select Save link as) nothing comes out ):

Don't click the link, Right-Click and select Save link as

PLUS you gotta' remember you can't download a video in HD if the originally uploaded video was of low quality, right?

ah, that's why the damned thing wouldn't work. Yes, copying normal did work when 720p did not

correct. otherwise it would be an upscaled video of horrible quality. lol.

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Hey admin, I have noticed some videos, when you right click then save link as, it comes up as "get_video" and saves as nothing but a firefox link. Weird. Most videos can be saved, but some cant. Just thought I would let you know.

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Pls. post a Youtube video link where this is not working and I will check.

hi there. i can install but can't load and use(code: sec_error-ca_cert_invalid)

this one does not work for me. Thanks

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That video is only HQ, not HD. So yeah, the originally uploaded file was not HD quality.

The only reason HD is not downloading is because it is not available for that video.

Weird, not even the non-720p download worked....

Oh well, one out of 7 videos i wanted didnt download, good odds to me, keeping the add-on =]

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Thank you so much for this!

outstanding and much appreciated!

now if only i could download a brightcove hosted video. all the usual methods (sites, programs, extensions) just don't work. impossible to find the flv or figure the path to it.

Youtube HD videos are just amazing and ur extension works excellent.

Works flawlessly. Many, many thanks !!!!!

omg! i'm amazed! it actually works! thanks!!!

Cool it works. but I dont like the "Download Vid" something suspiscious its allways connecting to 1 Ip.. And I dont like that :/


I can assure you its 100% safe, its not connecting anything other then Youtube servers.

hey. wtf? not only did it NOT work, but it crashed my PC? WTF, man?!?!

It works well, and even if it cause any crash it can only CRASH Firefox not your PC.

funny because I have had it since admin posted it and it hasnt done anything other then what I wanted it to. No crashes at all.

It is something on your hard drive that crashed your computer, not this.

Fertility Is Hereditary, Chances Are If Your Parents Didn't Have Children Neither Will You

how do you install this

It's a firefox addon, so you need Firefox webbrowser, simply open the extension with Firefox and click the install button.

[?][why this addons are not included in Official Firefox Extensions Web?]

It is still considered experimental and thus, there's an inherent risk to those who download it. But, appearing from the comments, most people haven't had any issues.

Thanks, this is a great option. I've just tried it and it worked great.

Every time I try to download this from the Firefox Add-ons site I get an error saying -

because: Invalid file hash (possible download corruption)

so the extension isn't installed.

I tried emailing, but it bounced with a nondelivery status of 'No Such User Here'.

Try downloading again.

Thanks for the extension, it's wonderful.

Awesome addon and it works great. But one more thing would be great. Include another link for downloading flv. For some videos, not only is there no 720p HD MP4, but there is also no MP4. Some vids only have flv available. Yes, I know I can go to a site like keepvid for downloading flv. But I am just saying that it would make this wonderful addon a complete package for youtube download.

works a treat - thanks :)

bugmenot doesnt work

It is now says not a valid install package... error -207

:( I cant download this

and working great


This video doesn't work

Trying to use the downloaded videos on my mobile phone, but the resolution isn't supported... any way of choosing the desired resolution in a further update?

Thanky very much.

not able to download, invalid package or invalid file hash.

Installs and works 100% fine, if you are receiving errors see this -

I can wrong, cos I tried few others xpi's few days ago, lots of re/installs and I could swear I had an options 'Download as 3gp and flv' above 'Download as MP4'. And today I entered previously visited youtube and I have just two MP4 options: HQ & HD... Does your download extension show flv & 3pg links in right youtube menu?

No download links, nothing, just install fine and that's all. Unusable for me. Firefox 3.0.6, linux gentoo ~amd64, flash native 64 (no wrappers). Noscript and adblock disabled for youtube. So i remove it.

Tried both regular and HD videos. Works as described. Thanks.

I got it to work, but it came up as not really a file. 0 Bytes?

What's going on here . . ?

Right click and save as.

Big thank you to the author who did this. :]

well i loved this program... at first then after a couple downloads it tells me on my psp the data is corrupted. The version it downloads to your computer is in psp format but for some reason only tyra or my korean drama ep's will download and play on my psp.... wtf????

I Can't Download The Program For Firefox?

works for me, thanks so much for this! :D ?

Thanks for this great add-on.
However, is there any way to download cc subtitle?
Can you make another add-on for this?

I haven't found a single HQ video that will download yet -- they all come back as zero bytes.

Try this -

or any video which has a real HD version from here -

not working with me everytime i tried to download a video from you-tube {by using: (right-click and select Save link as)} i got this file in save as: get_video.htm
even if i tried to download the MP4 quality, still getting that HTML file
any idea?

... it works! class. thx :)

I tried downloading several HQ and HD videos and none of them worked.

I tried downloading the HD video suggested by the admin a couple posts above me, too, and that one doesn't work, either... All I get after right click save link as is a HTML doc file.

This was too good to be true. :(

I just tested this and it worked fine ;

Like I said, it didn't work for me and now the download links (the links I'm supposed to right click) are gone after I installed the update..

I have NO idea how you got it to work lol.

Is this Broken now?
Used to work, now I can't even watch the video until I disable the ad-on.

I just installed an update and now the download links have disappeared from the Youtube page. What's wrong?

Before april 17th 2009, it worked perfectly, now every time i click one of the links it just takes me to a blank page...i'm pretty sure youtube updated something and that broke the extension.

Tested again working fine !! Try re-installing.

I reinstalled the add-on but it still doesn't work. The links are not there. Like "download as mp4" etc, I'm talking about those links. They're not there anymore. They disappeared after the latest update in case you think I'm too stupid to reinstall an add-on lol. But yeah, it's like I don't have this add-on installed at all. :-/


I scanned this addon's javascripts with my anti-virus and it flagged a detection inside of the firefox profile directory containing this addon. I'm not sure if its a false positive or not. I manually looked at the .js scripts in notepad. They contain cross-domain xmlhttp request. Not sure if this is a security concern either. Can anyone provide any insight into this.


I can assure its 100% safe, what anti-virus are you using and what script-file it is flagging as suspicious.

I get no buttons or any type of link to download videos.

Same here.

So how do we get the buttons? Can someone help?

Before I installed the Update it worked great,

After the update, only certain videos can be downloaded via the .mpg4 or even .g3

Instead of downloading it sends me to a blank page

An example of a video that I couldn't download anymore is below:

You guys rock! I tried about a dozen other methods and none of them paid off except yours! Thanks.

Here is a solution for all of you who had troubles with buttons disappearing after updating:

Search for and then download Forefox beta 3.5.

Then go to the page for downloading add ons and click a button reading something like "show all versions of this add on".

Then click on the one compatible with the beta version.

Voila! The buttons are back, but a lot smaller than the original buttons...

I had to upgrade to Firefox 3.0.x to get the download buttons to show up. Now it works great, though, thanks!!

Same things but to download only sounds as MP3 would be good :)

When you download a video from youtube, where does it save to? Or how do i save it from the download window? I Can watch the video from the download window, but i can't do anything else, help please.


I've downloaded the file and installed it. It, as said, reload to HD version on automatic BUT... the videos never start no matter what I do.

Atm Im trying to uninstall it with no success. The extention doesnt show where the others do and I cant find any trace of it... yet it must be there.

Is there anyone able to help me find a way to manually uninstall it?

Thanks in advance, Johan

ps. English isnt my spoken language... sorry for grammars and spelling.

It doesnt work for me!!!!!!
When ever I try to open the folder it always makes me re download it!!

please mention the two firefox add-ons explicitly. i have trouble finding the softs.

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