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Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software Free Giveaway

Accidently wiped important contacts on your Samsung Galaxy S5? SD card of your HTC One can’t be read and photos become inaccessible? Text messages are deleted due to wrong operation? It is quite common for you to get stuck in such annoying situations. You may go for reputable data recovery software but all too often you may give up due to their whopping price.

If you are facing the same dilemma, this post would do you a big favor: Tenorshare is giving-away registration codes exclusively for our readers for its best-selling software, Android Data Recovery, totally for FREE (Original $39.95)!

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Free Full Version Key

This Android data recovery software is a PC-based program which recovers up to 5 types of files for your Android devices. And for more details, take a look at the following key features.

Key Features :

  1. Recover contacts, calls, text messages, photos, and videos for Android devices.
  2. Recover files stored both on SD card and in the Android devices.
  3. Support all Android phones and tablets, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc. running Android 1.5~5.0.
  4. Support any data loss scenarios, including accidently deletion, rooting, formatting, factory reset and more.
  5. Compatible with Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

Furthermore, it’s simple-to-use that only 3 steps, Connect >> Scan >> Recover, all lost data will be recovered on the primary interface of the software. Try It Now.

How to Get the Registration Code of Android Data Recovery Software :

The activity rule is also simple: Leave a comment and a valid e-mail in the Comment section below and Register here for the giveaway.


This is exactly what i hoped to have, if ever the unfortunate happened to me and my android.

Thanks for this.

Great for recovering deleted files.

Very useful software application! Some times we loose significant data and images...


That's what I'm looking for. Thanx already!

Hi admin,
I need registration code for android recovery software.
Thanks in advance


Registration Code: REDMHPK-GC9G2-ET7U4-BBE3K-RSYB8-VEF3D-3EDCL

The multiple links you have scattered throughout this blog entry lead to a totally WRONG place within the "Dameware" software site. It turns up as a program for Remote Support trial offer, NOT the data recovery app I was expecting.

Any fix for it?

Ah-ha! I finally found a valid link to get me to Tenorshare so I could purchase and download the data recovery tool!
Please cancel my previous complaint (although it was somewhat valid, given the TRUE link is obscured!)

Great, I've had these situations before and I lost all my data , this software will not happen again

I need it now.

great, I've had these situations before and I lost all my data , this software will not happen again

Tenorshare make a very good and powerful software. Thanks Tenorshare and for this nice giveaway!

I have been looking for a reliable data recovery software for android and this package certainly does the job

I want it
Because I need it
For this purpose I will buy a new phone without disturbing my old phone

Sounds like a great product. :)

This is an amazing concept of recovering lost data from android devices it's going to do wonders .. Cheers

I am grateful for your software recovery. It has helped.

I'd love to test the application and if I may ask, does to it back up stuffs like game data and all apps on the android phone?

I lose a lot contacts and pictures because of my children playing with my smartphone. So this software would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.

i would like the program.

This software rocks.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software is the best among the rest!!!

This just at the time I need it most!

Thank you so much, have shared your trial offer on FB and Google+ I really think this came at the perfect time for me, love it!

Hello Megaleecher, honestly i really need this program because a few days ago i lost my important data on internal storage of my Android phone. :(
Thanks :D

data recovery for android a year or two ago was a pain in the ass to find
finally its here

is very good the program

Seems good

I love and visit often.

You guys Rock!

Please send me a free registration code.


it is very interesting to see android data recovery softawares

Would like to test it. Other software didn´t work for me.

Thank you Giveaway!!

I needed this Software.

e-mail :

That's really amazing

Yes, I am want to get the app for android for free

I am Jaydeep Sanghani. I need this software. You can reach me at

Hope it works ... it would be awesome then

for Registration Code

I'm very anxious to try this so I can recommend it to my clients.

I need this urgently

This can be very useful in a phone crash situation.

i love this website...its u baby....:D

Thank you very much

Great ides, hope it works on all android devices!

although it has not YET happened with me, it is good to be prepared. I would like to have the best tool for data recovery on my mobile.thanks.

nice software

And thanks to guys I can get my data back. Would love to have this software.

Plz send activation

This is what i was looking for.Thanks

I have a Samsung P900 12.2 Notepro with Android

i've lost all my images last month
i hope this program will work

I need this

simply awesome. i was looking for such software

This software should be in my collection.

very nice! got to try it!

dont need it yet ,,but i will!!

I hope this software

need very badly this kind of sw as my micro sd acrd is not detecting .

great! hope it works for my xolo q700

I left a comment on here for the key but not verified and the code I got wont work, kept telling me license isnt valid. Please resolve this


its always awesone to try

anxious to try, sounds like a excellent addition to my toolbox.


its my job and thanks for help


Exactly what I needed.

Just what I'm looking for

I can't afford the program to restore many photos & videos of my family and dog I just lost. Please I must have them back. Thank you.

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