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Audio Dedupe - Duplicate MP3 Finder, Exclusive Free License Giveaway For Our Readers

AudioDedupeWith growing mp3 music collection we often end-up with duplicate tracks taking-up space on our disk-drives, some of the files we have copied, some of them we have downloaded multiple times and some we have converted from other sources. De-duplicating your music collection and maintaining it in order manually requires hours or even days of work to check all the folders and keep the ones with the best quality, luckily we have automated software to do this task with ease.

One such commercial application is Audio Dedupe which can handle this situation easily and precisely, the software is capable of recognizing duplicate audio files even if they are not marked with ID3tags and are stored in different file formats. This is not just a standard duplicate file finder as Audio Dedupe will actually listen to the music files and recognize if the song is the same as the others stored in different formats. It can check MP3, MP2, MP1, MPA, WAV, OGG, AIFF, AAC, MP4, FLAC, AC3, WavPack (WV), Musepack (MPC) and Windows Media Audio (WMA) file formats and allows you to clean up the duplicates to save valuable drive space.

Once you add the folders to be scanned you can choose the similarity percentage in order to narrow or broaden your search results and start the scan. In the folders panel you can also exclude some folders from the auto-check feature. This is handy if you would like to preserve the files in some "'source"' folder(s).

Duplicate MP3 Finder Add Foldes   Duplicate MP3 Finder Scan

Though the application processes huge amounts of data surprisingly the scan took only 2-3 minutes for 20 GB having 1500+ audio files that we tested, When the scan process is complete Audio Dedupe lists all duplicate audio files sorted by groups of two or more files in alternating colors. All the information is neatly listed in columns that you can rearrange in order to suit your preference.

Audio Dedupe Duplicate Music Scanner

The tool provides a handy auto-check feature that can mark files choosing files with lower bit rate(quality), shorter duration, older date or smaller size for deletion, You can also listen to the files using the internal audio player which has a continuous playback feature that lets you switch between the duplicates while they are playing in order to easily compare the quality and decide which one to keep.

Audio Dedupe Auto-check featrure
Audio DedupeMusic Player

Once you are done with the review of the results you can choose weather to move the files to a certain folder (backup), delete them to the recycle bin or completely remove them from your hard drive. If your files are organized in folders Audio Dedupe will also maintain the folder structure of the moved files in the target location.

It is easy to keep your audio collection clean as Audio Dedupe will also remember the already scanned songs and every consequential scan will be even faster. Cleaning up duplicate audio files can save you gigabytes of valuable disk space and using such tool is a must.

Audio Dedupe Features :

  • Find all similar or exact duplicate audio files in user specified folders using audio compare of the file contents
  • Find exact duplicate audio files using fast hash checksum algorithm
  • User can adjust the percent of audio similarity
  • Lower bitrate audio files can be automatically marked for deletion
  • Shorter duration audio files can be automatically marked for deletion
  • Smaller filesize audio files can be automatically marked for deletion
  • Older audio files can be automatically marked for deletion
  • Integrated audio player to preview the audio duplicates
  • User can manual select the duplicate audio files for deletion
  • Duplicate audio files can be moved to Recycle Bin, custom folder or deleted permanently
  • Supports MP3, MP2, MP1, MPA, WAV, OGG, AIFF, AAC, MP4, FLAC, AC3, WavPack (WV), Musepack (MPC) and Windows Media Audio (WMA) file formats
  • Has intuitive interface and rich documentation

Audio Dedupe is not free and costs $29.95 to buy, we have been provided with 5 free exclusive licenses for our blog readers so if you are interested in it do post in comments below.

You can download Audio Dedupe for free here:Duplicate MP3 Finder.


I would like to rceive one ! :)

Finally a great program that deals with large libraries in a short time and also provides many advanced options in the scan.
if you have one licence available i would like to receive it.
thanks for letting us know this soft.

I have received my license, thank you and MindGems it on a 1st-come-1st-serve basis?I WANT IT!!

Hi, thanks for this great opportunity to get an excellent software. I have tons of mp3, and this would be really useful. Please count me in. Thanks in advance.

I would LOVE to have such a program! I love music and I have brought many programs to try to find song titles and multiples of songs. I need this program. I love to get a free license for it and try it. I have well over 45000 MP3's and I need to get them cleaned up.

Can you help me?

Thanks! ???

Thanks for giving me a free license. I can't wait to put the program to good use. I have received the license.

Thanks again so much.

I would like one, please.
Thank you.

I would love to have a licence for this.

Tnx 4 the giveaway.I m having 5000+(25 GB) of songs, and some of them are duplicate.I want 2 remove them. It would be useful 4 me.By the way i think i m the 4th...If u r receiving this comment 2nd time, pls forgive me as my comment was not shown through i m posting it through IE.

wow i have a lot of mp3s. i hope i can get the license of this useful program

yes i would like very much to have a license

This is just what I've been looking for! I have nearly 2.6 TERAbytes of music stored on four external hard drives. I just KNOW there are bound to be duplicates between all those files. I've found a few manually (usually by accident while looking for something else!), but Audio DeDupe would be a great asset to my arsenal of managing my music collection.

PLEASE allow me to have a copy!

Karl K

Thank you VERY much for granting me a license to use Audio DeDupe. This will be a valuable tool to add to my arsenal to manage the monstrous collection of music I have in my computer.

Again, THANKS!

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

I would love to get a free licence please. this is such an amazing software which will help me alot.

Me to like others want this great software. well just see who lucky will get this ?


Thank You

Boa tarde! Gostaria de ter uma licenca do audio dedupe porque sou dj e estou com muitas musicas duplicadas gostaria de remover essas musicas duplicadadas

I would love to get one

one licence please

Very interesting giveaway. I would like to try this software. Count me in please.

Would like a free license

Thanks for this very nice offer.
Please count me in.

would like 1, thanx!

hope this isn't dupe, 1st attempt to post disappeared

Sounds very useful. Would like one - gift wrapped!

add me to the request for a license, thanks


I would LOVE a copy of this application. I have spent literally days and days altogether in deduping my audio files and there's still masses of them left.

Please please!


thanks for send an email about this soft, it's very interested in me
plz give me one!
thanks again!

i hope i'm lucky. thank you for sharing

wow...such a useful software!

Nice program, may i have one?

wow... was waiting for such a wonderful software which can take-off load on harddisk... i wish if i can have one....

I would really like one!

when it comes to clean a big music libary then Audio Dedupe certainly do the job in clever way. Thanks for the contest.

I would like to be considered for the giveaway. Thanks.

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway and software. Count me in please. I have huge mp3 archive and i believe this wonderful program will help me too much. Have a nice day.

It's extremely generous of you to give.
Please do consider me.

Looking forward for more from you

Thanks for these offers...

Awww.. could really use one of these to fix up all my old, old mp3 files.

Please include me, if not, have a good day anyway, all.

can't seem to post here... ??

if possible i hope win one key...

Hi, thanks for this great opportunity to get an excellent software. I have tons of mp3, and this would be really useful. Please count me in. Thanks in advance.

Look very usefull. Hope to get one...........

Thank you VERY much for granting me a license to use Audio Dedupe! I know this will prove to be a valuable tool in managing my huge music library.

Again, THANK YOU for your generous gift of a license!

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

Excellent! I was one of the lucky winners. Thank you very much. This is going to be very useful.

I would like to thank you for selecting me an a winner in this program. I can not wait to clean up my two external hard drives of duplicated music.

Thanks so much and here's to more free space on my computer!

I want to add that I have received my license.

I would like to receive a licence please.

Yeah, it's an excellent tool to eleminate dupicates in the audio collection. I have many tracks in my hard drive and over a period there were many duplicates. ( same song with differnet name/s and file size) I am sure to clean the collection easily. Thanks to Audio Dedupe. - Eddie

Read more:


Please send me a license if you have any spare left. thank you.

I would like a free license too. Hope I'm not too late. Only five?

Winning that license would make my day. Really!
Thanks for this offer, and please count me in!

I have so many mp3 that it would take me forever to go through them all if would be great if I could have a license. Thanks

many many thanks to u or providing this softwere

thanks, Please send me a license

I wish win one license. I am gonna give it for my mom. She loves to collect old song that often is actually the same so she needs to check it manually. This splendid program will ease her work.


I wish have a license. thx, please send me a license.

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Please can I have a free licence as this tools sounds excellent.


I would like to recive a free license for this splendid app. Thx.

I have not come across any software like this one of the greatest software i have come across

If its not late I would humbled to receive a license for Audio Dedupe. Software is not allotted in my poor man's budget. Thanks for your consideration.

Usefull software! But too expensive for a student. I'd like to receive a license for Audio Dedupe

THis is a nice piece of software. If free licenses are still available, I,d like very much to get one. Thanks in advance !

hello i need it also. please keep me with it

I would like a free license

Oh I just Love the demo of this program!! I am a music-maniac, I admit. I have a lot of music, LOVE IT, but I now have way over 30 GB music! Of course, a number of them are duplicates. I have tried a number of programs but NONE, not a single one can do what this program does! And if there would be, it surely doesn't do the job as fast as this program does. I need to get my files cleaed up, I NEED the program!

Please help me,

Thank you in advance!!

hello how are you all want to know if I can help by fabor
I am a music lover and I have problems in organizing and q use the trial version will not let me make one then let me know if you could help me is that I can not pay the license is very expensive for me and yet I am a student working
could someone give me a free license if it is possible

your free license will be grate 4 me

power tool to me, thank you.

c'mon give me one man

why would any site give a license for free??????

i really like this software but i did not get crack or serial no of this software anywhere.
but i have a lot's of serial no. any one need any serial no or any kind of help let me know
i will provide u if i can...
and if any one have serial no or crack of this pls provide me in my mail

are there still free licences available? if so, i'd like to have one...

Hello ,first of all thank u so much for letting me know about this software.could u please send me the license to my mail........

please send me the license,i am waiting????? please i really need that.

Requesting free license Thanks !

great site, i would like this program

What a great site !

I would also like a free license please



I don't know if this offer is still up but I would like a license. I have over 600 GB of music and this will help clean my messy collection.

I'm have 400 GB of music, variety of music that is written in the iPod, very tired of doubles. Really liked the program

On my HDD 400GB music to pour on the iPod, and I do not want to see it duplicated. The trial version impressed

its very god, please send license.


Can you send me a free copy

Hi. I have test the demo software. In my opinion this is the best program for mp3 deduplicate. I have also test others similar programs, but none is audio dedupe like. Easy to use, fast, nice interface.
I would like a free licence, please.

This is a must have womderful piece of software. If free licenses are still available, I,d like very much to get one. Thanks in advance !

Read more:

we would like to get a free license if possible for this software (Audio Dedupe) it looks like were way to late but i'll try anyway, it is probably the best duplicate finder for us since most everything i have involves music or music videos, and we lost everything on our other computer when it went out, don't even remember what duplicate finder we had on it. so i'm doing alot of converting and downloading music & videos. Thank You very much. Richard

Thank you VERY much for granting me a license to use Audio DeDupe. This will be a valuable tool to add to my arsenal to manage the monstrous collection of music I have in my computer.

Again, THANKS!

Tried the demo version, and it works so sweet! It would be nice to have a license please.


if i am not late then plz give me serial key of audio dedupe

Really like the program audio dedupe. Been trying lots of other and this one seems to be the best yet. I also found that your program seemed to find more duplicates which is good and odd for the other programs. Were looking for a program which can sniff out duplicated files, we have large datastores which this might work well on and make my life easier!
Would like to try the full program before submitting a recommendation to the company?

Can this program (Or another) also search an entire LUN for say, adobe.exe with a particular version number?


It would be nice to have a license, its very god. please send license

I have a large file of musio that was damaged and I am now slowly trying to recover the files. A License for Audio Dedupe sounds like the program that would help me out. I would greatly appriciate a free license if you still have any available. Thank you in advance.

Dan Campbell

plezzzz sir give me the lisence

plezzzz sir give me the lisence

sir i need free license for audio dedupe, please send me.

please send me a licence

Thanks for this this time of economic depression it is hard to spend having this software will be great to clean my pc of duplicates.once again thank you for this offer.regards sheelu verma.

I have received my license.thanks for this offer. my name is sheelu verma.

thanx alot, great giveaway

Seems to be good at finding duplicates. Please count me in.

I've tried this program and it is very good at its job, i.e. identifying songs by digital fingerprint rather than name/metadata/length/etc., and cross-referencing duplicates. It even works across file formats so can compare WAV and MP3 files, for example. The trial edition works across all files in the folders you specify but only displays the filenames for the first 10 matches. The rest are -blanked- out.

I'd be overjoyed to get a free license for this as it would save me a great deal of time in rationalising and cleaning up my library.

Dave B, UK

I would be very interested in being able to use this program to identify duplicate audio files in my very extensive library. If you can forward the it would be greatly appreciated.


Hello megaleecher and mindgems. I Been trying lots of other audio duplicate finder softwares and this one seems good, but I prefer test this program full functions and compare working aspects (how work with Gb or Tb files list, or uses CRC and bit searching alogitms). I Would like to try the full program before submitting a full compare. Thank You very much. Tom Jonsonn

I read about this software and would like to see how this actually works. I'd appreciate if you could provide me a license so that I can try it out.

I would like one, please. Thank you. I need this program to check 5010 mp3 files please help me

I have thousands of MP3's and this would be really useful to hepl weed out duplicates. Thanks in antipication

I have tried the demo version and it seems to work great with my music collection similarity search.
I have compare it with other similar software and this one is the best of all.

I would like to try on the full version and hopefully I could get the free license giveaway from you.

Thank you.

Janet Altantuya

pompeia's picture

I would like to get a free copy
thanks and best regards

Such a great program, sure to try it out to declutter my music library.
please give me the licence key.
thank you.

Great tool, it actually works. hope to get one of those liceses still.

Hi, thanks for this great opportunity to get an excellent software. I have several gigabytes of mp3, and this would be really useful. Please count me in. Thanks in advance.

Sure, Audiodedupe does the job quite ok, even if it comes along with some mistakes, but not worse than the other software I tried.
The big problem start when you need support with the program. I have experienced it and they showed their greedy side. Less then 2 years ago, I bought a licence and needed some help after a severe system crash.
I got two answers to my request: one was a lie about some fictive instructions (I still have that “instruction” mail so I could check) and that I must buy a new licence...
The second response said it was all my fault since I unsubscribed from the newsletter (yeah, sure, I will read ALL newsletter from ALL the services I buy from the internet).
So folks: if you buy AudioDedupe it is at your own risk! For more money, they WILL LET YOU DOWN!
Better stay away …

I would like to receive one license, thank's

Please provide me the license so that I can clean my PC. It has over 1TB of music which has a lot of duplicates that needs to be removed.

Audio dedupe full version will be like a boon for a guy like me. Please provide me a license ASAP!! Thanks in advance.

Plеаsе, would you like to gift me а free license of Audiodedupe.
Thanks in advance and best regards :)

I would like a free licence for audio dedupe

I would like a free license...

I'm new to megaleecher and if there any more free versions of Audio Dedupe would love to have one.

I know I'm late, but I hope you have a spare license for me :-)

I would like a free license... any version
Full app - Not demo

I need a license, please send me one if you have still some left.

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