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Mozilla Firefox 6 Aurora Available For Download

The current stable Firefox version is 4 and version 5 Beta channel is there for testing new features which are a bit stable and needs user feedback, Mozilla has now initiated a brand new "Aurora" branch which should be considered the "ALPHA" stage featuring the newest innovations before they go to beta channel and will finally get released as "Firefox 6".

Currently "Firefox Aurora" provides users and Web developers more control over their browsing and development environments while improving overall performance, the new experimental "Data Management Window" feature allows users to define and control access of private data to specific websites, a new and revamped Add-ons Manager and plugin-checker now allows quick verification of compatibility.

Firefox Aurora

Firefox 6 Permission Manager

Firefox 6 Permission Manager

Download Mozilla Firefox :


Have you got Firefox 6, please help me to download it.

how to download firefox6

where is the download link?, I have hit all the links can find it , thanks.

Really ? , you forgot to click the link which says :

Download Mozilla Firefox :

Firefox Testing Channels ( or if you want a more direct link that would be -

I downloaded Aurora, install, start and - can't connect to internet!!

Send me Firefox 6 & 7

Really ! one of the impressive news i got from your post. Because you tried to show about new browser what was really great looking to us. I hope Mozilla is the best software where we can use anything addon smoothly. ...

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