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Free USA, UK And Canada VPN Service For Everybody

If you missed our free AceVPN and Hide IP VPN giveaway you can now enjoy similar anonymity at decent speeds using free VPN service provider - TheFreeVPN, the new free service lets users surf the web privately also allowing them to bypass internet censorship.

FreeVPN USA, UK and Canada Proxy Servers

To get started all you need to do is to install the FreeVPN client software and select one of the available VPN servers to get connected anonymously; once connected you will be able to access blocked websites or VOIP software's, watch,, or from anywhere in world, protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices and ISP hubs.

TheFreeVPN clients changes your browser homepage to AskJeeves page, other then that I have not seen any advertisement or annoyance while reviewing the service, you can find the VirusTotal scan report [Result: 0/40 (0%)] here.


When I try to install it Bit defender 2010 detects it has a virus. please help?

It's good VPN service from FreeVPN even ads support, on speed is not that bad, fast on same server, current version 2.2.
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Thanks for sharing :)

Hi there,

Please can you tell me where I can download the software? Can't find the link


thnaxxxx working g8 ....

Any ideas for Hulu outside US for Mac OS

It doesn't change my IP :/

i cant finde download link
help me bro

it doesnt change my ip it not working on windows 7?

is this working in China too?

yes?I tried it.

It didn't change my IP neither did it change anything????????

Vancouver, BC

Don't use it.I have a very bad impression about this service and its admins.They are not trustworthy.There are a lot other better free services you can use.Anyway,don't use any of them for sensitive data,only for restricted content.

Mr BOGUS... install again slowly...step by step...after that you used fullspeed+speed my speed 800kbps... Ajiip...

unfortunaely it needs usename and password, but i have read it is free who knows ???

While they still call themselves "FreeVPN" they now charge for UK servers. Their service is actually my favorite of all the VPN providers to access UK TV, but not interested in paying for a service that was not consistent when it was free.

Regarding "Bogus" Can you share some links to other "Free VPN" options that I can access UK TV on? I've been searching but so far I have only found ones with limited free trial and Fees.


i agree Boss.... you are

I went to check this website out and the WOT Firefox Plugin (Web Of Trust) came up with a warning - See WOT page about I'm choosing to stay away.

dont woory bos... my speed max 708.6kbps....616.1 kbps... and 1 mbps... ajjiip

Hi Great job... It was working but stopped. I tried to download it again, it refuses to boot and when i try to connect it will not allow me. What do i need to do, bro? I love this VPN. It works very Lovely

may you offer me free vpn. thanks

i will be try this vpn ,,,,

Hey guys.

I got XBOX with a golden membership that includes SKYplayer and that needs a UK ip address for it to work, I'm using a ubuntu OS, so what I need is a vpn settings and a proxy so I can connect the xbox to the note book.
Hoping that you've been there ;)

I am using Switchvpn uk with Xbox and Ps3 works great and fast.they helped me setup everything remote within 15min all was done :) i would highly recommend

hi dear
i need a user name and password
send for me pls
thanks:khaksar has severs in uk,usa,switzerland and neitherland
i also recomend you try this one
they are good.i would like some one to give a good free vpn for canada or spain,italy

may you offer me free vpn. thanks

Yes i think there is a list of free vpns which are offering best services.

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