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Geek Wave : The iPod Killer

Geek Wave

Apple iPod changed the portable music industry forever, but it still lacks quite a lot when it comes to perfect audio-quality, battery life and ease-of-use. Geek Wave - the highest resolution portable audio player which comes with lots of space (upto 2TB expandable), 5000mAmp of huge removable battery power and super easy-to-use, drag-n-drop management interface fulfills that gap.

For audio lovers, the gen-next Geek Wave should be kind of "Shut Up And Take My Money..." portable music-player, the technology behind this new portable audio-player allows users to enjoy all the greatness of their music collection in same quality as it was meant to be heard with it's full high fidelity glory. The no-compromise, high-performance portable music player not only offers exceptional audio-quality but is also the ONLY 32 bit/384 kHz PCM capable native DSD player in the world, and can play multitude of file-formats right from MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, DSF, AIFF, DIFF to the highest resolution DSD128 files. Geek Wave is designed to hook up to any external stereo or A/V receiver (at Home, office or car) through its line output port delivering high-quality audio processing and users can simply sit back and relax across the room and control it using their smartphone or tablet remotely.

Get yours at the discounted ($100 less) supporter crowd-funding price at :


Except that, in a blind test, most people won't be able to tell the difference, at all. Audiophile hardware is full of myths that are just people claiming their expensive stuff is "better", yet if they were to do a truly blind test, the chance of them actually getting it right is very low, simply because the human ear cannot process that audio that high, no matter how special you think you are, you aren't.
Not to mention, who still buys a portable dedicated MUSIC player these days?
You want to log it around along with your phone? Possibly your portable gaming device (3DS, PSV, etc..), laptop and what not?

oh really. compare a pair of b&W nautilus to a stock pair of speakers and tell me their isnt a difference. ignorance is bliss.

Check out what this thing has morphed into, the components used are top tier and the new design using Aerospace grade aluminum is ultra sleek. AK240 killer? This bad boy is serious.

LOL. iPod killer. You're three years too late. The iPod is already fading away. iPhone, bitches!

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